Monday Evening


Got a pizza in the oven, watching the new Louis CK special (which is already funny you twerps).



had a really difficult day emotionally. haven’t left my bed. but spent hours talking to friends online and feel ok now. my bf is making a thing with veggie sausages and I can’t wait to eat it.


good food will make stuff more okay. hope you’re alright. give your cat a squeeze x


has he done that thing yet where he says something mildly offensive and then grins into the microphone?


yes he has


Evenin’ eric, db, xylo, profk.

Spent my last hour fixing a glass vase for my housemate. Job done and it’s looking well. Listening to Danny Brown on the Joey Coco Diaz podcast and it is super interesting.

Also, this picture of my intense face turned up from the other night:


is that a dj I spy behind you? DJs in bands need to return - haven’t really seen em since Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit stopped doing their thing.


Tell me more about your pizza

I’m cooking an omelette (not plain)


Evening all. Had a rather odd dinner of caramelised onion sausages and dauphinois potatoes washed down with a strawberry Snapple.

Need to go out and do some exercise but my belly is too full so I’ll probably sit on the sofa instead.


Synth player! Will suggest to the lads that we get a turntablist in for the next gig.

(Shit, just realised I did jam with a DJ before and it was fucking class. I’d love to do that again.)


Can’t believe you’ve got the guy from the b-52s playing synth


I think Death Grips have one, thinking about it.


Sainos mozz + cherry tomato. Not bad/10


Evening all. Stir fry, large beer, and now I shall watch the University Challenge final. I will then watch A Monster Calls, after which I should imagine I’ll go to bed.


Dave might enjoy being compared to Fred Schneider.


Looks like the kinda bass player who’s playing the worlds chunkiest, mean motherfucking bass riff


On sofa after some good food, gonna find a film to watch or summit


snap. I just had an omelette.


Hello hello, what’s all this shouting etc.

Chili con carne atop a baked potato for dinner. Bought my missus a late birthday present, a bottle of Brockmans gin, so going to make us a couple of g&ts with a wee bit of pink grapefruit peel :cocktail::tropical_drink::cocktail::tropical_drink: