Monday Evening

Decided to stay in Sheff a few days to get some work done but I’ve nearly finished it all so stuck here with nowt to do until Friday.

Just remembered i bought a kinder egg on my way home. Fuckin result.


Fixed it.


gonna stick on some podcasts and clean the kitchen, followed by records and reading

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opens podcast up in a new tab

Cheers KG! Something to listen to after catching up on the latest episodes of The Americans and Girls.

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Just spoke to an ATD on the phone, was v. good to catch up. So much dirty old man laughter being had, cacklecackle.

Sorry to ruin the omelette party (I’m not going to lie, it took me 4 attempts to spell omelette there) but I had a poached egg on toast with asparagus for dinner.

and now it’s 20:36 and I’m going to have a coffee :sunglasses: :coffee:

It is THREE HOURS LONG. I am two hours in but I’m really enjoying it. Danny is funny and really insightful, fucking love that man. Would love to go drinking with him.

Here’s my toy in case you were curious


which is the best louis ck thing, eric? or anyone I guess

don’t really have anything planned, probably will drink some beer and play some computer games

what does it do?


Hmm dunno cant remember which is which. whichever one has the thing about the bat in it. literally cried at that. Live at the comedy store?

Nothing, i think?

that might have been the one I gave up on. maybe I should give it another go


But… oh.

Fuck you, cunts


Maybe try one the older ones? Shameless is a big one i think.

The only way to “BRING IT ON!” is with a turntable fella

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My hand I hurt back in January is starting to twinge again :frowning: Ow.

Writing some bits for my website, drinking tea. Might go to bed early as I need to be in early to basically put together a work plan for something I’ve no idea about. Fuck.

In the shop they had blue ones with batman on and pink ones with barbie on. I got a blue one… and that was my toy. Hmm.

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