Monday evening

Today has been horrendous and i just turned on the tv and saw some horrendous spider stuff on chris packham’s tv show. Fughghgghhhuuuhgg

Waiting for masterchef and drinking a beer.


Just saw the mice eating the baby birds :fearful:

Also had a giggle because the television volume was on 69

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Whaddup Eric. Sorry to hear about your dreadful day and also your traumatic experience with a televisual spider.

I’m drinking a few pints in my local while watching Chelsea (hopefully) beat Middlesbrough. It’s triggering flashbacks to watching the same sides play in the 1997 FA Cup Final in my parents’ kitchen.

Other than that I’m fucking beat. Not getting home until nine in the morning will do that to a man.


Fucking hell

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Went out for wings with workmates after work. Was ok.

Doing CIMA revision now

Well that’s horrendous. What a fucking world we live in.


I have a probably naive and fairly privileged position of believing that the police will always have my back, but this blows that out the water, doesn’t it? Horrendous stuff. How many reports would it have taken?

Remember that game vividly.

Really broke already this month and I just went and broke the tv’s le creuset pot that I was borrowing. It belongs to her landlord. Balls.

HI how are you

How do you even break those things?!

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Still remember Boro having a goal ruled offside and my Man panicking because she thought that Chelsea had conceded. Kind of sweet of her in retrospect to care that much about Chelsea because of her football obsessed husband and sons.


Thought those things were bloody indestructible!

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had three iced buns for dinner. watching the documentary on trump and anti-vaxers. digital tv is just not fit for purpose is it, spent ages trying to get the aerial right, they should have just waited for the internet to be good enough

I know right. Dropped it off the drying rack, then tried to catch it and managed to fling it through the air onto the floor. Cut my finger too. Motherfuck.

awful day. can’t seem to stop watching breaking bad as i ‘revise’

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also thinking about a time as a child when my dad said we were going to a beach and he said he’d give me a pound for every sea shell I collected. When we got there it was high tide ffs

(he knew the cheeky scamp)


Bumped into the ex earlier with the tv, first time they’ve met, it was fine.
But first time I’ve seen her in months, not really sure what I think right now…

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Proofreading something in Danish, which is ridiculous because 1) I don’t know anything about Danish grammar, and 2) it’s a ridiculous language.


this sounds like an episode of Seinfeld where George gets a job as a french translator (but doesn’t speak french). That basically writes itself.