Monday Evening

still not off work. :pensive:

whats for tea?

quorn burgers tonight I think!

Getting a bit tired of being hungry all the time, it’s making it hard to achieve much

Quorn burgers aren’t so bad tbh. Veggie hotdogs are barely discernible from the real deal also.

Thinking of going for Mexican


Evening Profk, Bam & Carmen :wave:

Playing squash later and currently trying to decide whether snack on something beforehand…

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absolutely snack on something before hand.

alright, ericthefourth.

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Stuck at work again doing literally the same shit as always. Can 100% guarantee the work i stay here doing will be changed as soon as i walk in tomorrow.

It’s raining, in pub, barman is playing The Lioness by Songs Ohia. It’s nice


Yeah might have a :banana:

What are you having for dinner Profk?

pork chop!

Got some sausages which need eating. Something with lentils? Or pasta? Idk

Venders decided to go with another couple for this house :rage: Who knew buying a property could be this difficult and infuriating?

Missus is at zumba tonight so I’ve made a harissa rub and I’m medium/slow cooking a lamb shoulder. Putting together a chickpea feta tabbouleh - just opened a can of chickpeas and it smells like cat food :mask:

Gonna have leftover lentil cuzza for dinner.

Any sides with that?

I would love to play squash again, though probably don’t want to break a rib this time.

Ouch! How did you do that? Crash full pelt into one of the walls, presumably?

Festival on Saturday was loads of fun! :slight_smile: Still absolutely shattered now though. Dinner is chicken wings and chips.

I ordered a Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart. The game came first - considering licking the cartridge to keep myself entertained

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diving onto the floor to get a shot, was getting annihilated by my friend and didn’t want to lose.

doing another application after a pretty bad interview lesson today - currently repeating growth mindset over and over to myself!

Still, passed my last assignment so have booked my cap and gown for graduation. There’s another outdated thing - £50 for an hours hire as well. Ridiculous