Monday Evening

I’ve just made a vat of molten macaroni cheese. Send help :grimacing:

What’s going on with you?


Finally almost home. Train approaching the station and then an 8 min walk home…

Pasta and tuna tonight I think.

Fucking exhausted.

Not long since in. Day flew by.

Had miso soup with shiitake mushrooms.

Got loads of chores to do now. Hope I get time to finish Master of None s2.

Waiting to go and growl over some punk at 10 o clock. Bit of dutch courage first methinks. Honestly though I’m nowhere near big or scary enough to do proper hardcore vocals. I think I’ll just aim for Johnny Rotten put through a sieve instead.


Evening Witches,

How many different kinds of cheese did you chuck into that vat?

I’m seeing Julien Baker shortly which is rather exciting. Due to some poorly applied suncream the other day, I’m having to style my hair differently to cover the luminous sunburn patch just below my hairline. I’m currently sporting this Conor Oberst (circa 2005) sweeping fringe that covers my sore forehead. This look plus the gig is making me feel like I’m trying relive my emo youth :smiley:

Dare me to drive?


most hardcore front people aren’t big or scary, though.

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Just ordered my new touring bike, pick it up at the weekend :smiley:


I’m on my way! :fork_knife_plate:


Tv has made spinach paneer. Delicious. My computer has just died thoughso i guess i’ll speed the evening trying to sort that out. Gr8.

Springwatch then bed I think. Yes. Definitely.

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Just had som vegetarian chop suey out of a can. The carrots had an awful texture.

Went to see Yung Corbz do his thing in Gateshead after work. Thousands of people stood in the pissing rain has given me that awful sense of false hope.
Home now, eating canned lentil soup and finally starting on the new Twin Peaks.


hi witchy and crew!

I’m trying to put off eating snacks, only got two more days to get thin and mentally healthy before the crushing election makes it really hard for me to carry on living.


just been to see wonder woman was good. now I’m trapped inside the pictures because it’s raining like absolute fuck and I didn’t bring a jacket

Whatcha get Matt?

the rain is fucking biblical out there, have spent the last 10 mins sitting with the window open watching the streets get lashed

Trek 520 :smiley:



Watched Twin Peaks, Watched Fargo, need to watch BCS, might watch Punch Drunk Love. My life as an unemployed man (in the vaguest sense of the word)


I.E: I’m just a bum