Monday evening


Off out to meet ruffers for pizza and beer. What u up 2 huns?


Evening all.

Got home to find that my bank had posted me a paying in book, addressed to both me and my ex, who never lived at this address, with her name spelled incorrectly but with my brother’s name on the actual slips.

Slightly concerning in terms of data accuracy and security.


Woah I haven’t been outside since this morning. Hot, eh?

Watched another house of card and it seems a bit…shallow. Like, he just does some bullshit and suddenly everything’s in his favour. Worth ploughing on to series 2??? Only watched so far cos Kevin spacey is a boss.


I’m going to spend the evening writing an angry email to southern trains, then I will probably read it back feel stupid and delete it


Nah - send it. They’re utterly hopeless and incompetent.


I am nicely basted this evening - got off the train a stop earlier and walked home.

Just had some jacket potato and tuna, quiet evening with a big long soak in the bath a bit later and hoping, in vain, for a bit of a through breeze to appear before bed.

Fell asleep quite spectacularly on the train home in the air-conditioned carriage.


Just had some chicken and veg. Went to the gym earlier.


Give us a draft


Took ma banbeano on a v special night out to Nandos I luv u hun u r my everyfink #blessed #chicken #cheeky #sauces #fiveyearanniversary


I’m going to play football :cold_sweat:

^ that emotion face is “cold sweat”. if you could imagine the sweat bead on this emotional feeling pictogram :weary: , that would be more accurate.

gon’ die.


Yeah, I normally don’t like the exasperated commuter thing but it really was ridiculous, train just sat there in sweltering heat, while more and more people pile on/bundle, no information on the delay while several other trains I could have got leave. All it would take would be a few announcements saying what is going on, which trains to get for common destinations, but they seem to just treat it as people going for specific trains and they’ll leave when they are ready


Say something genuinely nice about your girlfriend, i dare you.


Wazzo jugs.


more like hot sweat amirite, inco?




That’s what drives me mad more than anything, the lack of information or communication. Delays can’t always be helped, but being sat there in complete ignorance of what’s going on is so frustrating. And quite honestly, the operators often don’t care because if the delay is attributed to Network Rail, then they are raking in the £££ in compensation.


That’s a funny way to spell “high five”, but ok.


Can’t wait for Corbyn to nationalise them


Gonna cook up something tasty for dinner then do very little in and around the sofa


I’m not sexually turned on, eric!