Monday evening

Off out to meet ruffers for pizza and beer. What u up 2 huns?


Nah - send it. They’re utterly hopeless and incompetent.

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I am nicely basted this evening - got off the train a stop earlier and walked home.

Just had some jacket potato and tuna, quiet evening with a big long soak in the bath a bit later and hoping, in vain, for a bit of a through breeze to appear before bed.

Fell asleep quite spectacularly on the train home in the air-conditioned carriage.

Just had some chicken and veg. Went to the gym earlier.

Give us a draft

Took ma banbeano on a v special night out to Nandos I luv u hun u r my everyfink #blessed #chicken #cheeky #sauces #fiveyearanniversary

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Say something genuinely nice about your girlfriend, i dare you.

Wazzo jugs.


more like hot sweat amirite, inco?


That’s what drives me mad more than anything, the lack of information or communication. Delays can’t always be helped, but being sat there in complete ignorance of what’s going on is so frustrating. And quite honestly, the operators often don’t care because if the delay is attributed to Network Rail, then they are raking in the £££ in compensation.

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That’s a funny way to spell “high five”, but ok.

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Gonna cook up something tasty for dinner then do very little in and around the sofa


Still at work. day off tomorrow though

Cut back a tree for some reason, ate some sausages. Good stuff

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just did a weekly shop with my bro and nieces, bloody bought pizza and beer like a total chump!


I’m cooking lamb chops, mash and veg for dinner. I’m sweltering in the kitchen, probably should have done something lighter in this heat.

Gf just moaned at me that the last fart I did was “like being punched in the face by the inside of your bum”.

I have defused the tension by laughing so hard I choked.



What a delight you are Eps :grinning: