Monday evening

I’m tired and eating pasta. Might have a shower if i cba.


:wave: Evening eric.

Trying to watch Willow Creek, it’s like The Blair Witch Project but with Bigfoot. I have very high hopes.

Sounds absolutely dreadful. Enjoy!


I am cooking pasta as we speak

I’m listening to new Omar Souleyman. Incredibly polished but I love it.

Might watch more Twin Peaks but David Lynch gets upset when people watch it on a shitty laptop :thinking:

evening eric and witches,

just had some pizza along with probably the most garlicky garlic bread I’ve ever made, like super fucking levels of garlic. and I just brushed my teeth because of how garlicky everything was and still is.
vampires won’t stand a fucking chance tonight, or probably for the next few days


is this on netflix?

Haha, absolutely! All the best horror films are.

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*twilight zone theme*

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Alright ezzer? Just made a pretty deece dinner of sea bass with a lemon caper dressing, parmentier potatoes and cavolo nero.

Missed out on seeing The Red Turtle the other day so debating whether to get on a hooky stream :thinking:

Wife-o bought me a couple of coffee beers and Mr Kipling cherry pies so gonna watch the new Twin Peaks with her once the sun does one :owl::cherries::coffee:


Evening all.

Tea was a baba ganoush wrap thing.

Trying to stay awake so I can get to sleep later.

Just started watching Glow.

Had pasta salad for tea. Is everyone in this thread having pasta for tea?

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Enjoying the beeves in the OKC thread on the music board :nerd_face:

for the fao of @bamnan


my beeve alarm didn’t even go off! must be faulty


Making 3 different types of packed lunch for 3 different people.

I am now officially my mum.

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Someone is pretending to actually be Radiohead and Theo called a new user a fucking twat. Probably should’ve spoiler alerted this.

Unfortunately no :cry: It’s on Shudder and you can rent it on Amazon. I’ve been intrigued before because the cover for it is quite cool -

But IMDB only gave it 5.1, which on reflection isn’t actually that bad for a horror film… but I’m only watching it because three friends on fb have been talking about how good it is! They’re all proper horror fanatics though, so that doesn’t guarantee it’s actually any good :joy: One of them is obsessed with Bigfoot, he actually travelled all the way to British Columbia to find one, so eh, he has to like it.


Would like to be able to enjoy the beeves but dont think i can handle all the nerds

I don’t get it