Monday evening


Irked as fuck with everything. Gonna eat some burgers and go to bed. Go away monday.



Pizza for tea, gonna watch twin peaks and go to bread


I just met Kirsty Wark, was a pretty strange and normal interaction at the same time.


Can’t be bothered to make dinner, but want something nice for dinner. Catch 22 right there.




Getting handbags off Siri.


Pizza for dinner.

Nothing more needs to be said really, does it?


I’m having pasta, are we not all having Monday night pasta again?!


Having a few beers


Toppings pls


Got my new work laptop today, woooooooooooo

Had horrible butt sweat all day, urgh. So glad I’ve got shorts on now.


I’m having bean burgers with rice I’ve fried up with tomato puree, basil leaves, oregano, chilli. It’s banging.


One is a four cheese effort.

T’other is tandoori chicken, onion and green chili. Plus coriander.


curry pizza this isn’t sadlad masterchef m9


actually maybe it is


It’s more just spice than curry tbh.

I have had curry pizza in the past though and it wasn’t bad, despite my initial reservations


We’ve got pizza dough and haggis and Stilton left so er…


trip to tezzas it is!


Enjoy your bean burgers Ruff-dog.


Done and done. It’s too hot out all of the sudden.