Monday evening


THRONES thrones game of THRONES thrones game of THRONES thrones game of

Anything else happening?


Wolves in the THRONE room track in heavy thread woooooo. Finishing my tea then gonna leave the room so wife can watch game of shite.


Having the most depressed mcdonalds ever
look what number I got too

says it all


Just completed one of the worst 24 hours I’ve had in years and years. Looking forward to (.)(.) and :dragon:


Already watched it.

In a pub in Brighton, drinking great beer, hoping Southern don’t cancel my train home


Thought you didn’t like black metal.




I’m watching the Louis Theroux Scientology movie and eating pasta.


Just watched game of tits and dragons .

Now gonna potter about the house.

Fixed a mates bike earlier. Felt like a right hero. She gave me a calippo to say thanks :slight_smile:


Might be going for some Cans with the Lads.


Can’t believe nobody* has made a version of that image with him in corpse paint.

*on the first page of Google image search


Felt like I had some sass directed at me earlier this evening when I ordered nowt but a peshwari naan at my local takeaway curry house. Justified sass or nah?
Also went to see The Beguiled and arsed about in the sun for a bit.


Depends. Did you get it delivered?


Was suppose to be meeting a friend for coffee but they’ve cancelled so just going to watch :frowning_man::frowning_man::mountain_snow: and drink :tea: instead.


Evening all!

Had a couple of Morrisons frozen pizzas for tea

Gonna stick my neck out and say they’re top of the frozen pizza tree for me.

Gonna play on my Xbox and wait for the Ocado man to turn up. Might have to test the rum I ordered when it gets here.


You not hittin’ a curry with that???

Possibly justified


Best Revel

  • Malteser
  • Raisin
  • Toffee
  • Coffee
  • Orange
  • Minstrel

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Evening! on my way home after a :coffee: and a couple :beers: with @Unlucky :+1:

Going to eat chicken this evening. That’s all I know for definite.


@ericthefourth you are a fool


Orange chocolate? Dont make me laugh!