Monday evening

About to eat some grub and then im gonna get out of the way so wife can watch GoT. Need to spend about a grand + on a new laptop :confused: so gonna research that. Anyone used any if those refurbed laptop sites?

What uu2?

got a crumble in the oven. WHEEEEEY.


Been home since about 2:30 cause I’m not feeling well at all

I’m proper exhausted so I’ve already ate dinner and laying on the sofa. Gonna get in bed about 8:30 and read




Mmm delicious witchetty grub :yum:

Got this today -

Going out to see some comedy at the fringe tonight!


Thanks hun. I’m due in about 70 minutes.

I got one of these but the beads dropped off loads!

Uh oh… did you figure out why that happened?

I’m in Stoke Newington picking up bike chain lube.

Gonna tempura some basa fillets when I get in and knock up some veggie lentil thing to go with.

Need to square off a life insurance policy at some point tonight too :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:



Use a pen, Sideshow Bob.

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I get the sideshow bob thing… but why do I need a pen?

I’m so beat after last night. Spent the day in my room watching stand up specials and eating Pot Noodle.

Probably going to have a beer or two and then go to bed early. Today was a write off.

It’s just a quote. I was being light hearted - didn’t work out.

god, i really don’t want to buy a macbook. don’t know if i can live with myself if i become a mac wanker.

I didn’t doubt this… I just didn’t get the quote. I’m not a hardcore simpsonser.

was expecting a call from a recruiter today, which didn’t happen. idly wondering if I offended them by, when they phoned at 5.15pm on friday, asking them to call back (I wasn’t really prepared for it then).

anyway probably going to watch some tv (GoT) and play video games perhaps

I have a Mr Killums sticker on mine cos I’m cool.

Bonjour team.
In France just now cycling for two weeks. It’s just beautiful! Love France!!

Saw this baguette vending machine today

This is the view from my hotel window!!


i dunno what that is :confused: