Monday Evening

WUU2? Just going home and eating something I think.

turns out work have royally fucked up with hiring my replacement, which now means I won’t have to do an annoying in-person hand over. Plus a massive meeting on my last day here has now been moved past my leaving date. Happy days, man.


Soooooooo tired. Evening plans are going to be centred around trying to be in bed at 10.
Cook summat easy, watch some Bob’s Burgers, crash.
Oh, and go through the survey report on the house we’re hoping to buy with the TV. This is what may ruin all the other plans!

Off to see Thoroughbreds at the LFF tonight, maybe preceded by a Bleecker Burger

Thank christ this wretched day is nearly over. Meeting my bro to take the dog for a walk and then I’ll most likely drink a couple of pints, come home, watch new Curb, and sleep.

in a class with a fella who keeps bringing things back to gender and gay rights in a very alt right way. It’s pretty fucking irritating


See you guys in half an hour

that’s not the time m9.

Definitely been a bit of a wasted day. I’m that kind of tired you get when you haven’t really done anything, which has a weird tinge of restlessness combined with a lack of motivation.

Nathan For You


can’t be cba’ed to cycle home. I’ve got changed and I’m all ready. Just need to stand up. And go.

Oooh turns out my housemate is in possession of my deposit.

Did the sum total of absolutely fuck all today and it was brilliant. Read the papers, played with a puppy and have just had carbonara for dinner. Top notch.

Heading to watch the Ireland game soon but will have a drink or two at home first while listening to Superchunk and Polvo. No sign of nerves about the game yet but they’ll surface.


I do not understand this reference.

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Hiya Profk etc :slight_smile:

Going to my first gym class in a long, long time. I’ve put on a stone since I first joined DiS almost a year ago :confused: my gym clothes are TIGHT! see you on the other side.


Evening. Long day, I’ve got hardly any work on and everyone else in the office is swamped, I’m worried that if I finish my stuff too quickly then they’ll ask me to help with theirs so I’m dragging it all out.

Gonna watch Gilmore Girls until I fall asleep.


Spending the evening doing all the work I didn’t bother to do today.

Got nervous butterflies for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on

Spent the last 4 hours asleep. My head is fuzzy.

Just gonna watch the rest of Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Need to watch last week’s GBBO too but have put it off so far because I’ve been spoilered and my fave seemingly goes home, noooo :cry:

Can’t wait to be better again so I can play with my gerbil :heart:

i’m going to finish watching the tv show 1993 later and play some computer games

Spent most of today watching Louis Theroux documentaries.