Monday evening

Five Guys then theatre for me. Hbu?



Every intention of going to the gym but we’ll see how that pans out. Also need to build two websites and do a logo.

What I would like to do is I would like to lie on a sofa and watch a film/series on Netflix.

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Classic Eric

you’ll be glad you went to the gym afterwards!


Yeah. I should go. Now. Then I can come home and eat food.

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Eating a chocolate Santa and doing university work. Might get a kfc at 9ish. Will probably play playstation for an hour between now and 9ish.

Had a nap, watching NFL highlights. TV has gone to pregnancy Pilates. Stir fry for dinner and some beerz then bed.

This is pretty much always true and why I’m annoyed with myself for not running at lunchtime

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Run now!

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I’m in Five Guys. May get on the treadmill when I get home later if it’s not too late.

i ran today and i feel great! (sorry cz)

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Made a choc chip banana loaf, now about to make a stir fry.



Been sitting on my foot for most of the day. Just managed a spectacular fall trying to walk on it.

Have you been sitting on your foot in purpose?!

Don’t be… genuinely pleased for you mate

Gonna bread some chicken (:bread: :rooster:) and cheese up some broccoli (:cheese: :broccoli:) for dinner and then apple and blackberry pie (:green_apple: :pie:) for dessert. Might watch The Big Sick (:film_projector: :face_vomiting:) afterwards.


… yes? It’s how I sit.

I’m a bit stoopid

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I have a shower that now works! Been a month since it broke/I broke it

Going to watch the new episode of Star Trek Disco and either do sausage and mash or curry. Trying to work out when the last time was I had either. Might just flip for it.

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Did a whole working day without dis, woo! It was an awful day mind and I’m still in Southampton :frowning:️. Going out tonight to the monthly music quiz and going to Antwerp tomorrow. At some point will need to tidy my disaster zone of a flat because of course after weeks of silence the estate agents have booked in a viewing for tomorrow. Quite tempted to do a Reginald Perrin.