Monday Evening

what’s going on? got any great evening plans? what are you eating?

I’m bored out of my mind



Made some chips, got some soup on the go.

Gonna tidy up, watch the footy. Read.

what you reading currently?

‘Alone in Berlin’ would recommend

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Evening noise, m_w_t. Just had chips from the Chinese takeaway and a beer, and off to enjoy Anna Von Hauswolff rearranging my inner ears and brain later.

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I’m in Lisbon with work. Might go for a swim but it’s freezing outside. My colleague is playing fucking clothes shop music through the house stereo. Want to kill.

Well, back from work, just ‘chilling’, made dinner.
Listening to ‘Alopecia’ by Why? for the first time, (album’s 10th anniversary), and was reading about it in the music section this morning.
Will tell more later …

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sounds good, been vaguely interesting in listening to anna von hausswolff but keep forgetting (interesting, I know)

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At work in New York innit.

Still, three hours left of the working day haven’t really planned much for this evening, should probably try and find an exhibition or something like that to go to.

DiS just told me I was logged out but then didn’t log me out

what’s going on there?

i’ve not been arsed even though she’s on the WITTR album but randall dunn produced her album so i’m interestED now :thinking:

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It’s good man


Evening nr. I gave up on driving home because the m6 and m42 are both borked. Sat in Ikea instead having meatballs and will probably stay and do some work while I’m waiting for the traffic to sort itself out.

how long are you in new york? are you going to get any time there where you don’t have to work?

sounds miserable, although at least you don’t have to think about what to have for dinner. what a chore

go train at renzos

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About to make some pasta when my flat mate gets out the kitchen.

having puhsta for tea while waiting for john torode to come on the tellybox. trying to find a free violin VST. that’s about my whole evening i reckon.

Five Years has just come on in the pub and everyone here is singing along. It’s brilliant

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