Monday Evening

I’ve been here since Friday night innit, went to the Met on Saturday and the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday.

I think I should be free in the evenings from about 6 onwards, so far the plan is for me to be in NY until Thursday and then DC until next week Sunday then briefly back in NY then London.

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what was for dinner?

You know that fam :ok_hand:

I think I’ll be doing the sub grappling class on Wednesday morning. Planning on training at Shaolin’s place on Tuesday night.

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fuck, just remembered my new flatmate is moving in tonight

really not in the mood for talking to someone I’ve never met before at the minute

do let us know what happens with the half-drunk beer in the fridge


evening all

going to have a pizza with garlic bread for dinner, then Only Connect, some work, some games and then :bed:. works for me.

evening all,

pretty shattered so gonna forego the gym tonight. gonna make masel jamies chicken tray bake thing. then find a film to watch later.

oh I forgot to say - when I looked in the fridge around 4 it wasn’t there

he was working wfh today so the evidence suggests he was drinking it while working.


Hans Fallada?
Once A Jailbird is good. The Drinker is ok.

Well nothing exciting - leftover bolognaise from yesterday. Still satisfying though. :smiley:

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Indeed yes

been trying to do as much stuff as possible before i’m shipped back out to the us of a and i get no banter whatsoever for another month, so i’m pretty knackered.

still not had any caffeine today which probably isn’t helping.

Do you have to go to the US regularly for work?

Going to package up some gift voucher orders, which in theory I like doing but when it actually comes down to it it’s so boring and time consuming.

Have to write up a massive article too but the flat is such a state that I don’t think I can do any work until it’s less like a squat in here.

semi-regularly. about half the work we get is in the states and if we get a job there i’ll be over for about 2-4 months.

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aww, yuna and tidus are kissing!


Got some bittersweet news, has added to my otherwise strange mental state. Going to drink and see what happens. Such is life

forgot to do the garlic bread :sob:

Having leftover roaster broccoli and chickpea.

(Calling it a wrap despite it being called a burrito in the recipe @ericVI)

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depressed in advance that i’ll end up watching whatever garbage football match is on tonight because i cant motivate myself to do anything more challenging