Monday evening


Still working. Boring.

What’s for tea? I’m not sure, might roast some new potatoes and halloumi, or might just make pasta and pesto.


this has absolutely done me


misery box at 8:30
watch tv til bed
quite a life i lead eh


Meeting my manager shortly for dinner in Amsterdam.

My music is now on that spotify and this is very pleasing.


Following on from sister profk, I’ve just found out my mate Mark is gonna be on masterchef: the professionals :grinning: He’s filming this week, so made up for him.


when’s it on? not for an age yet is it?


congratulations North London based disser, who I will not name, on making the show!


I think it’s on in December or something. He’s a very skinny, short Geordie bloke with no beard so I don’t fancy his chances :confused:


blimey, didn’t realise they shot that far in advance


11½hr day today. Fuck. Right. Off.



whens the bebe due?


Celebratory pizza and cider for tea. Cheers everyone!


12 hours mate, get on my level




Serves you right


…what does?


No idea. I just wanna go bed m9


dodgier place of work:

  • eric’s yorkshire portacabin
  • richie’s southern food hall

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Mate this is masterchef: the professionals, not some two-bit Punch and Judy show on the seafront at Margate (with all due respect to sister profk).