Monday Evening

Alright Folks?! What’s Up?

Hoping that it being cooler today will mean I sleep better tonight.

Debating whether to pub quiz tonight as a few regulars are missing and its Love Island tonight.

Tell me what you’re eating, drinking and doing, go on.

New jobs are exciting, have you got a first day outfit picked out?

Whaddup! Good luck with the new job @anon82218317!

@laelfy, you should really visit here again.

@jordan_229, back in the bar!


got no plans, just going to drink and

Like your t-shirt

Alright laelfs? Just had a bbq now taking this little lady to the pub.


I made apple soup

what the fuck was i thinking


Also, I’m really intrigued when these threads initially get lots of views but few replies which makes me wonder how many people are lurking, so, an anonymous poll to see how prevalent this is:

  • I will post in this thread
  • I will not post in this thread

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Thanks! Designed and printed by one group of friends for a band of another group of friends!


I think the heat has warped your brain


Apple soup?! Is that a thing?

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Cracking little dog.

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That’s definitely not going to be golden delicious.

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i had my first day at my new job today. they’ve changed the structure slightly since i went for the interview so i’m now in a team with one other person, who hasn’t yet been recruited as they haven’t advertised the role yet. this makes me a little nervous as it means it could end up being someone useless (i applied internally so had the opportunity to scope out the team i was originally going to be on before applying!)

Hi Laelfy and assorted DiSers,

Today, this has been me basically:


Feeling very glum also :-1:

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it’s meant to be mulligatawny with a bit of apple in it. all I can taste is apples. :neutral_face:

Doesn’t sound great, although I was once in a team of two and it was fine because we got along great and we were adjoined to a bigger team. Is there scope for being involved in the recruitment process for the other person so you know you’ll get along?

He’s made cider hasn’t he?


I was imagining it a bit more like an apple milkshake. Cider sounds more appealing.

@japes could you stick it in a jar for a few months to ferment it and then have cider?

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