Monday Evening



I’ve had pizza and am waiting for my wine to breathe.

Think everyone’s over on the football thread

i’m having to watch football but i don’t want to :frowning:

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Evening! Also had pizza. Really tired, is it too early to get into bed?



What’s football?

Went to see hereditary with my Ol’ mother witches. Think she might think I’m a bit of a weirdo now :laughing:


just got called darling by a creepy old man

that’s the only thing that’s happened to me today

Early blu cantrell etc.

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Good evening everyone

a bug flew up my nose when i was walking home

Had loads of cut price sushi for tea

Watching football buts it’s reminding me how boring football is

That’s sort of worse but also doesn’t require removing the bug after so I dunno?

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Extra protein!


Hello DiS,

Not watching the football because I am an important busy person (was finishing off R’s birthday cake and stuff). Though I have finished my important busy person things and now don’t want to go to watch the football because my brother is stressing over it and that sucks all the WORLD CUP! fun away :frowning:

Having a difficult day of managing other people’s demands with regards to the upcoming birthday tomorrow, which is making me very anxious and panicky about it all. Wish it could just be me and R having a day of fun and naps.

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Ohh is tomorrow C-Day (Cake day)? When do we get to see?

And remember it was a team effort and I was the one that came up with the whole poll idea, me.


I had one of those BS, corporate team away days today. I got off on the wrong foot because apparently “I have thrush” isn’t an ‘appropriate’ response to “tell us an interesting fact about yourself”.


what did you think?

hello flower :heart: I hope you’re not too shabby xx

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nervous about my eye appointment tomorrow morning :frowning:

can’t wait to get it over with


had some salmon. was okay. think it might be time to treat myself to a new pan though. maybe I’ll start a really exciting thread about pans tomorrow?

debating going to the gym. still kinda knackered from hiking yesterday. etc.