Monday evening

(can I make the evening thread? Are there rules?!)

What are you up to?

Me and the TV are drinking Aperol Spritz in a pub garden. 10/10 Monday.


Of course you can! No rules. I’m going out for a curry in about 10 minutes and I’m in no way ready for it. Then pub quizzing. Have a great evening!

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I’ve got the hotel gym to myself, then I’m going to use the sauna, then have dinner.

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:spaghetti: :beers: :soccer: :bike: :hammer_and_wrench: :tea: :sleeping:

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Evening team,

Making some food whilst watching the tennis and waiting for my still dying from this weekend cos she over indulged tv :grinning:
So I’ll be looking after her and watching the football later.

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I might dye my hair blonde tonight (this isn’t a new thing - I first started dying my hair about 20 years ago)

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I’m drinking Guinness trying to forget about worrying about going to the doctors tomorrow

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That sounds like a brilliant evening! I love curry AND quizzes!


I love a sauna. My gym has a sauna that only about three people use; it’s brilliant.




Hey everyone :wave:

I’m drinking G&TS, and gonna watch the football. BBQ again for dinner. So bloody warm. Not happy

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What colour is it normally?

How’s the littllun coping with the heat?

Just had a burrito. I am now at Flight of the Conchords, but I want to be in bed.

She’s a bit rashy, and can get aggy when she’s upset, making her warmer. But generally really well. The room we’re in is pretty cool though.

Trainspotting ‘choose life’ poster yeah?

Taking me your dealer one, and the tennis player one.

If any of you fancy visiting rochester let me know. This is my view rn. So sunny.


Managed to change an inner tube in > 5 minutes, a testament to how many I’ve had to change in my lifetime.

Having those M&S burgers with the bone marrow in them tonight, nice little mozzarella, avo, tomato and basil salad on the side and a bit of coleslaw :yum:

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I’m a sweat machine in the heat. Walking anywhere, I’ll sweat. Sitiingt in the heat, I’ll sweat. So, yeah I’m on yr side

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