Monday Evening

Lonely hotel dinner for 1 in Antwerp. What’s up DiS?

In bed already. New bedding. Reading. (the activity as opposed to the rhymsical town)

yet another great Kozelek track title there Aphex!

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feel like doing something fun tonight

might just have a bath tbh

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Been off work today. A house like a quarantine zone atm. Veg pasta bake for tea then bed

dunno if I’ve ever seen any baked beans that aren’t Heinz in my life

I’m having some tarragon chicken dish. Last time I had a disappointing rack of ribs.

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making jacket potatoes

very heartened by the dis raffle thread, what a lovely thing it is

not sure what’s going on this evening, watching some telly and listening to MrS sniff and sneeze i expect

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Evening all.

I’ve had one of those days where you feel like you’ve been chasing your own shadow. Frantically busy, but very little actually achieved.

Heading up to York for the latter part of the week for a conference (via a gig in London tomorrow night). Tired.

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:wave: hey all

Having a cup of tea and watching daredevil. Tv is roasting a ham. I am WELL tired.

Lots of love :heart:


I got a puncture and had to walk home from Wood Green. Bf came to the rescue eventually and came with the car and a pump and cycled my bike home whilst I drove :two_hearts:

Is the ham glazed?


I thought that was just pickle

wait what even is pickle?!

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Another Kozelek?

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Child’s dinner in oven (kiev, waffles, beans)

Onesie: on