Monday Evening

About to go watch instalment no.9 of Leeds Film Fest, The Dawn Wall. It is about some guy climbing El Capitan.

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Mourning dog waits for 80 days in road where owner died - BBC News

Can’t believe you’ve gone to watch a climbing film. In Leeds. Without me.


Just has the maddest of dashes from Rotterdam Centraal to the port, 30km away. Stupidly didn’t think to check where the port was in relation to the city centre so casually ambled in at a slow pace before realising. Made the ferry with minutes to spare.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up in the UK for the first time in over 3 months :frowning:


Oooft bad luck

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Seeing Mattiel at The Garage with an old work mate.

Stan Lee died. My little bro’s going to be heartbroken. :frowning:

So jealous. Apart from the lonely bit. Love antwerp.

Exceptional views of the motorway from the crowne plaza

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Evening all

Bit of a frustrating WFH day: the battery on my laptop died by mid-afternoon, so I had to manage the rest of the day responding to emails via the app on my work phone. Also received two or three emails just before I logged off, which I won’t get to deal with til tomorrow.

I don’t think this evening holds much in store.

oh god

FAO @Bamnan

Hmm says page doesn’t exist for me, what’s the dealio?

Weird. More irish radio play :slight_smile:

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Evening :wave:

A bit mentally exhausted from the combination of raffling and having a cold. Happy though :slightly_smiling_face:

More raffle stuff to do tonight ahead of tickets on going on sale tomorrow.


Here she is!! DiS’ s number one person!!
Congratulations on the raffling!!
Like the Epic and Raffles mention in the op!!


Absolutely incredible effort on the raffle, btw :slight_smile:


Ah nice thank you v much :slight_smile:

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