Monday Evening

What’s a darboucka?

This faded novelty item

To be honest I might have the wrong name for it.

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Also it looks like laelfy is calling herself a dickhead

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Pretty much

Fear not, nobody with onions that peng looking could be a dickhead

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I’m eating cauliflower cheese and bubble and squeak. So excited!


Had parsnip and sweet potato soup w/bread as tea.

Everything else that happened today was in the not good category. Other than my popular macaroni post in the life hacks thread, that was ok.

Watching Wild, Wild Country, pretty good isn’t it. Might finish it this eve. Lying in bed but would like a cup of tea.

Got Saino’s Sweet Potato Katsu for tea cos CBA.

Weather is pretty grim.

Oh man those spiced onions :drooling_face: Reasons to move to Glesga #409.

The Christmas overspill continues, form of: cheese. Well on board though, homemade chutneys, wee sourdough cracker things :cheese::cheese::cheese:

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flying home later. trying to think of some way I can avoid getting to the airport five hours early.

this will be a long day.

Leave five hours later?

Oh no, I had very good reason.

Got really confused the other day becuase I couldn’t remember the name of the film ‘The Revenant’, could only think of ‘Les Revenants’ and knew it was similar but took me ages to work out the title.

This is interesting.

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We’ve got so cozza cheese in the freezer from Christmas, taking up way too much space I’ve suggested having it for dinner, but apparently we have to save it for when we havea roast as it’s not a meal. There’s a whole big serving for 2 in there. Like a meal sized serving, in fact… [Kicks cat off lap - sorry, Winnie, and runs to take photo in kitchen]

… oh, apparently we already ate half of it and now there’s only a side portion left.

Sorry for posting/thabks for reading

Ps, with in seconds of sitting back down, Winnie was back on my lap

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You ok hun?


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After a few false starts it’s my first day back at work tomorrow as I’ve been been out sick for a while. There’s only three on our team and one has been on holiday and the other has also been sick, so I’m walking back into a shitstorm and I’m going into the office at 6.30am to make a start on the backlog.

I can’t sleep at the minute so I’ve no doubt I’ll be up until the wee small hours and tomorrow will be horrendous.

I know it’s Monday but this is the worst case of Sunday night blues i’ve ever had.

Cottage cheese…with a roast?