Monday evening

Alright gang. What you up to?

In the car on the way home from work

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I’m in a ‘trendy’ pub and there are some awful trainers on display. Also, some guy in turned up jeans and Stan Smith Adidas trainers with trainer socks I’m drinking this.

Gonna have sausage eggs chips and beans for tea as I’m a child.


How’s the hand?

Eating pasta drinking red wine listening to music. Alone.

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Hell of a Monday


Sounds pretty nice, I’ve drunk some whiskey, working on some medical notes to the incessant backing of the Trolls TV show. Going to have a stir-fry, trying to keep the darkness at bay!

I’m aware this makes me look like parenting enemy number one - I should point out that I have a cold and the whiskey was in hot toddy form. Also, I quite like the Trolls

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Off to meet a couple of ATDs for some food and then massive attack :+1:


Also, my daughter has just figured out how to get the dog to fist-bump her, which is super cute


Still pondering that second slab of lasagna.

Going to put some #choons on and sort out a load of penoid cards. Best form of tidying there is.

What choons? And have that second slab of lasagna like @anon76851889 suggested

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Was Twilight Sad, now put that Sharon Van Etten on.

That SVE is a beauty

Comedy answer would be Ramble On by Led Zep because I’ve got a bunch of Lord of the Rings cards to sort, fyi.

Evening all,

Solo parenting this evening. Once the kids are in bed I intend to get stuck into a French Canadian zombie movie, and maybe an episode or two of that Killer Mike show.

There’s a couple of beers in the fridge to keep me occupied too.


I don’t get it

On the (delayed) train home (20 minutes late due to a broken down freight train). Quite glad I’ve got some left over stew to bung in the microwave when I get home.

Really annoying. Hurts quite a lot when I’m gripping things/locking doors.

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