Monday evening

Waiting for an argos delivery


Really dunno why they do the 51 thing.

How bout you?

Got caught up writing a silly article that literally no one asked me to write (but I felt like it, so there) at work about studying at the world’s most northerly campus in Svalbard.

Despite my mega sleep I’m now tired again. How is this even happening.

Argos do same day delivery which was a revaltion the day I ordered my steam mop. Less than 3 hours later i had it, at no charge. What a glorious day.

Ate loads today, cba doing bedtime.

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Been for a run. Gonna have some tea, watch tv. :man_shrugging:

Trail O’ Dead tonight :+1:


Hoping my solo dadding goes better than last week’s attempt. Got some misery veg stew, might whack some harrisa in there to spark things up a bit. Gonna go bed early and hope I sleep ok.

Not much, dinner, Masterchef, bed. Just realised that my impromptu work trip to Cardiff will get me home at 11pm on Valentine’s Day. Good thing I didn’t have a hot date planned, eh work?

evening all

have upgraded my condition from “thinking I might have a cold” to “having a cold”. would have a day off or work from home or something but I’m doing stuff the next two evenings near work anyway so er guess everyone else is getting a cold?

Hey up everyone.

Got to stick some things in books, think about when I might be observed in the next two days,eat some.chios and drink some tea.

Need to go to bed early after yesterday nights bad sleeps as I ate a double decker at 9.30. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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what are you getting from Argos?

Not really sure about tonight.

The pub next to Watford Junction has changed hands and I fancied a drink post work. They have a bit of Beavertown in can form which always goes down well so… Might get a burger here, might bale and go home… I know which is more sensible…

At Tears For Fears gig at the Hydro in Glasgow.
Going to Shout, Shout and let it all out.


TV and a floor lamp.

I’m sat here typing up staff performance reviews. DARE ME TO DRIVE?!


I’m running our penoid tournament tonight but not playing. I’ve just realised that since I’ve come straight from work and am the only penoid in smart business clothes, I must look like I’m taking my responsibilities FAR too seriously.



I think she’s trying to tell me something? Damn it dog, WHY CAN’T YOU SPEAK?!


“Aliens have kidnapped Wayne?”


Wear your tie round your head, Rambo style

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Homemade baked beans for dinner. This is almost certainly a bad idea given my already dodgy digestive system.

Masterchef. Bed.