Monday evening




Homemade baked beans for dinner. This is almost certainly a bad idea given my already dodgy digestive system.

Masterchef. Bed.


Never a bad idea.


Livid to be missing masterchef


Evening all,

I had leftover enchiladas for dinner, featuring peanut mole from Thursday, half a can of baked beans and my wife’s uneaten sausage from breakfast on Saturday, sliced spiced roasted onions, peppers and garlic, pico de gallo, some sweetcorn and plain rice from last night and of course cheese. splashed out some chamoy sauce with it. pretty tasty.

Currently watching a spot of test match cricket with can of Infinite Session Pale, which apparently is fresh AF. Will probably head out to walk my wife home from town later and also want to pick up my train tickets for tomorrow. Thrilling stuff.


Went ok. She pretty much went to sleep straight away.


Ate 2.5 donuts. Will probably crack a bottle of wine open. #foodgroups


Feel bad. Would go over the shop to get chocolate but they don’t sell any dark stuff so not really worth it. Will probably just eat leftover custard instead. Urgueghirhgh.


Got trapped in the shopping centre on my way home. Why would you leave one major entrance’s doors open but shut all the other ones?!?!? I had to leave through the lorry entrance/exit :sweat_smile:

Things that sound like they might be sexual but aren't really

Feel a bit :frowning:


Aye, same. Solidarity, mate.


Thanks buddy! :+1:


Alright you fuckers


Terrible news, everyone: my eldest niece is now really into owls.


what’s terrible about that? Owls are superb.


Is that John Titor’s time machine?


Insane what you can get on eBay


I have Opinions about owls.


ones that you’d rather she didn’t know, I’m guessing?


Yes. Four letter opinions.