Monday evening

not even sure why he tried it to be honest.

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Typical epimer


Really should have brought the Switch to this. One hour, five minutes per round and all I need to do is enter results once a round and the app does everything else.

If only owls could give their Opinions on epimer

Probably fed up of him bad mouthing them all the time

probably, I mean I feel that way, and I’m not even part owl.

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He is a dickhead tbf

love you really eps

When i ordered a lamp the other week, i set it for next day even though i was probanly gonna be in all day, didnt want to look too eager to Argos.

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Lets have a look at this lamp.

S’pretty basic

No chance of not appearing eager here. Jnr ran to greet the delievery man shouting “STEAM MOP YAY!” and the steam mop company, anticipating my own excitement, had printed ‘congratulations’ on the top of the box with celebratory balloons drawn around it.

It was quite the ceremony.


Similar to mine except mine has a dark wooden pole (save it for thur…)

:slight_smile: definitely gonna order a steam mop if I ever have a kid now.

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That’s genuinely amazing! As are steam mops, tbf.

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Listening to the Spielbergs album, might have a cuppa.

listening to Jessica Pratt’s newest, very lovely.

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Would give it… A Super 8/10

Gonna go to bed soon dont worry.

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Been to a new running club, having dinner now then I’m going to try one of these bath bombs you kids are always on about

my housemate is either never here, or her bf is here… she’s like “i wanna hang out with you!!!”. when?!? i swear most couples who live together don’t spend that much time together!! (tbf if we did hang out one on one I’d just hear loads about him instead)

just want a totally boy-free day. their relationship is so lovey-dovey and i already feel sad about being single :frowning: drowning their romantic chatter out with Ariana’s sad new songs.

thank FUCK i am on holiday on Valentine’s Day and do not have to endure their Valentine’s shit. could not deal with that right now.