Monday evening


Would give it… A Super 8/10

Gonna go to bed soon dont worry.


Been to a new running club, having dinner now then I’m going to try one of these bath bombs you kids are always on about


my housemate is either never here, or her bf is here… she’s like “i wanna hang out with you!!!”. when?!? i swear most couples who live together don’t spend that much time together!! (tbf if we did hang out one on one I’d just hear loads about him instead)

just want a totally boy-free day. their relationship is so lovey-dovey and i already feel sad about being single :frowning: drowning their romantic chatter out with Ariana’s sad new songs.

thank FUCK i am on holiday on Valentine’s Day and do not have to endure their Valentine’s shit. could not deal with that right now.



oh it’s Masterchef time, this should snap me out of my sadness

UNLESS TEHY MAKE MERINGUE. fucking hate meringue. cursed food.


I guess they just don’t give a hoot

Oh also, has anyone had a Cadbury Darkmilk? Because I just had a Cadbury Darkmilk and hoooooly moly, that’s flavour


Couldn’t get on with it


What is this? The two words do not compute as being possible together wrt chocolate. Is it milk chocolate but with higher cocoa solids %?


It is indeed precisely that. It’s very tasty too.


Do you still have the wrapper, what % is it?

This may be relevant to my interests.


Holy fuck these are a bit pokey SY355


I can see how, I honestly couldn’t understand much of what she was saying. A Distinct tone I just couldn’t make out, but the music was very subtle and soothing for me. Reckon it was the right length at under 30 minutes, probably would have agreed if 4-5 songs longer.


Luckily for all of us I am too lazy to walk to the bin so it was in my back pocket. It proclaims itself to be milk solids min 14%, cocoa solids min 40%, which I guess means there could be anywhere up to 86% cocoa solids in it (it’ll be a nailed on 40%)

According to industry bible Confectionary News, thats’s 4% more than Bournville


Thank you for the thorough and prompt response. That puts it in a similar cocoa range to Bournville, which is still very weak, but maybe that percentage + milk might make it more satisfying than regular dairymilk… sorry, just thinking out loud. Newsagents near me sell no real dark chocolate so I need to next best option I can get.


Normally that sort of stuff is right up my alley. Will have to give it another go, as I may have been distracted listening to it.


It’s not going to curl your toes but it tastes a bit like solid hot chocolate, and they’re going to do a roasted almond one which I think I’m going to love.



Anyone wanna buy a van?


Stick your face right in


Maybe, if I can get a couple of other DiSers (and a dog) to join me and we can go around solving mysteries


The salt on that popcorn has burnt my mouth or something. I’m a slug.