Monday evening


i put some bread on and it won’t be ready until 11.45pm :grimacing:

would be getting ready for bed about now



Don’t you have a timer function?


doesn’t work on wholemeal bread for some stupid reason


Not sure what make you have but we’ve always got decent enough results using the white bread setting for wholemeal. Probably too late for tonight




Fancied some Nesquik

Our tub of :banana: went out of date three years ago


It’s kicking off in the ricicle thread


probably fine




Made a right fuck up of this. Forget it!


not enough posts to read tonight, pals.

let’s sort it out for Tuesday


I love my steam mop


wtf mate


I don’t like either of those things. guess I should give the album a miss.


I can’t sleep as i can’t breathe through my nose enough and it’s making my mouth really dry :frowning:


The worst.