Monday Evening

What’s up?

It’s the first night of my beginners yoga course, pray for me please.

What are you up to?


Good luck with the yoga laelfs, I keep telling myself I need to get on that for my flexibility.

Lincoln City are playing Mansfield tonight on Sky Sports so I’ll be watching that and eating pizza.


Good luck to the imps :+1:

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Oh good luck. Bloody love yoga - you’ll be great at it.

Got a bit of work to pitch for tonight including that 4x4 company who want me to be on their billboards…As it turns out that’s not what they want at all (They want my photos) but I’m going to keep framing it as such regardless.


*infections :+1:

Hello! Going against our meat free regime and making maple mustard chicken burgers because, well, we can. I’d like to start yoga or Pilates to help my back, might look for a video or something for the larger gentleman. Not much else going on, might watch the UTI game.


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going to run home from work, eat some food, watch cheftwats and then finish off references and bollocks for moving flat. what a dull evening.

That lasted long!

I gave this video a go a few times, it’s pretty basic:

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We’ve changed it to less meat rather than no meat! Much less scope for failure.

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just got back from my first drive alone. went up to the old family house in the village and nearly rolled the car reversing into a ditch :cowboy_hat_face:


Us lower leaguers have to have each other’s backs on here.

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Did you remember to turn on the lights? The entire time I learnt to drive it was daylight so they first time I went out in the dark myself I forgot to turn them on.

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its still light AF here. but i’ll keep that in mind because it’s definitely something I’d forget.

What motor are you driving man?

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The TV is at Hot Yoga which means I have to wait until about 9.30 to watch Only Connect. No spoilers plz

2004 renault laguna


so many fackin horses


I’m eating a donut, are you?

The perfect first car :grinning:

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