Monday Evening

i am ILL. and stuck in a depressing chain hotel in cambridge. i’d sell my fucking soul for a linda sausage sandwich right now but i’m gonna have to make do with a mediocre takeaway pizza instead :pizza::disappointed:

Ok zeals what would YOU call this item of clothing? (The lighter beige part is leather) (NB mine are obviously not beige)

Horsey trousers.


How come?

Better than breeches tbh


This happened so was massively stressed for a few minutes but it’s all good now, almost at the airport in plenty of time. Going to grab a bite to eat (so I’m not tempted to go for someone’s nose on the flight)


Oh wait we’re finally having this for dessert @Scunner:


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working at addenbrooke’s all week. massively cba.

Just had an Asda ‘Extra Special’ or whatever their premium range is called Salami and Chilli pizza, was awful, tasted like dog food. Why are the premium things in supermarkets always worse than the cheap stuff?

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They’ve made this and I want it bad

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Oh man that looks good! Love the one absolutely livid YOU SOLD OUT SO FAST I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE DONE THIS review as well. I can fully understand getting obsessed with this stuff.

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Got work in just under an hour
Treat for old doubleespresso first

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Barely awake/alive, need something easy and decent and distracting - should I watch

  • Rush Hour 2
  • Beverly Hills Cop 2
  • Something better

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Evening! Some veggie thing involving cauliflower rice for dinner. Lots of spices though, so it should be dead tasty.

One more mix to finish up my friend’s party, so hopefully I can knock that out tonight.

is there an argument that streets of philadelphia is brucie’s best song?

  • you could very well make that argument, and I’d think on it
  • you could very well make that argument, and I agree
  • you could very well make that argument, but I disagree

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Addenbrookes did a fine job of putting me back together when I got knocked off my bike a couple of summers ago. But a week in a chain hotel in Cambridge sounds a little bleak. Plus you’re a week early for Fenino!

Evening officer


Ah man, one of my favourite bands from last year have called it a day. Shame

This was not conducive to easy decision making guyz

EDIT - nvrmind

Oh. Is he still driving that Renault Laguna? Yeah, can I just read you something from Top Gear magazine? No, it’s alright, I’ve got it here, I’ve got it here. “With a mere ninety break-horse-power available, progress is too leisurely to be called fast, but on the motorway in fifth gear the Laguna’s slow pace really becomes a pain. Uphill runs become power-sappingly mundane, while overtaking National Express coaches can become a long, drawn-out affair.” Not my words, eric. The words of Top Gear magazine.