Monday Evening


This is still pretty cool by the way

I’m planning on copying a 17 year old VHS recording I made of a friends gig to digital. So it can be used for a forthcoming album release.

No idea if the tape will even be readable after all these years, or just how bad my cameraman work was.

Hopefully it’ll be good, even if it’s just for nostalgia sake.

it’s my grandad’s car tbh, i don’t have enough money for a car right now. but its the one i’m insured on and he doesn’t use it much, so I guess its my ‘first car’?

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Hot yoga would actually kill me

Not having a pop in my previous post there by the way, but it’s an unwritten law that a first car should be properly unflashy and nondescript and over 10 years old.

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it feels really flashy to me to be honest lol. was fiddling around with the wiper spray earlier thinking WOW.


Up those Urineary Tract Infections!

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Got a poorly partner and a grotty child. Had to shell out money I’m not sure I have on a new tyre. Baked spuds for tea, with cheese and beanz. Not a single other thing going on.

Absolute stunner


Walking from Wembley Park to HFC for a meeting where people are probably going to tell me they don’t want my website work any more. Or not. Who knows.

Gonna be starving* by the time it’s over


Good luck laelfs!

I’m making a massive batch of vegetable stock. At least half my freezer was filled up with frozen vegetable peels and stalks and what have you so it was about time. Looking forward to many tasty stews and soups in the weeks to come.

Ok I have a question. You know the piece of clothing that one would wear on one’s bottom half when riding a horse, yeah? Are they seriously called breeches? Sounds really archaic. We literally just call them «riding trousers».

Anyway, I bought a new pair of those things on Sat and they’re all new and stiff and pretty tight so I’m wearing them whilst cooking, walking around and stretching etc. What an evening.


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A witness quoted the aggressive man saying: “I’ll rip you in Tenerife.”

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I see.


The fuck you getting at pal?!



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Sounds plausible. Jodhpurs are a thing as well. No idea what they are either.

i’ll rip you in…saltcoats.