Monday Evening

Evening thread is always late on a Monday, no?

I’m off to yoga in a bit. Had a paneer jalfrezi for lunner.

What are you up to folks?

feeling antsy

might go for another walk

Discussing armed revolution with a work associate.

Evening laelfy, all,

Had tacos as an early dinner. Just about to cook pancakes for pud. got a tezbots person bringing us 36 bottles of wine and some cat litter between 8 and 9pm.

Had my left over pasta, having a matcha tea so O grow up with strong bones.

No idea what to do this eve.

What’s the protocol for films you half finish watching with your significant others? Assuming its not just you each finish it in your own time?

That’s quite a party


Sounds like one hell of a night


Thinly veiled etc

Engineers are sitting in a van in the car park. They thanked me for unblocking the drains though. No rain forecast for the night though so we shouldn’t flood.

Going to watch GoT soon and then do fuck all for the evening.

Are we pro or against?

Firmly pro.

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I’m in the pub eating a Thai green curry that’s far too hot for me and trying to not look soft in front of my penoid pals.


Tell 'em I like their first album


Just wanna finish watching Matilda tbh.

Notre Dame is on fire :(((

Still at work FFS but about to leave. So many fucking mass mailers to sort out today including the bloody uni ones with loads of merge fields ughhh.

Was singing loudly thinking I was the only person in the building but it turns out one of the counsellors was in the therapy room (tiny room on my floor) waiting for a client. Mortified. My rendition of Emotions by Mariah Carey must have been a real low point for her ears

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The barmaid has fucked off and I desperately need a pint of soda and lime before I actually cry.

They’re doing their 25% off thing so we might as well stock up for summer bbqs (the rest of April)

Ahoy hoy. Just finished a cycle, got my slippers on and prepping some Tajikistani food for dinner.

This Notre Dame fire is tremendously sad. Getting Glasgow School of Art vibes.

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Have you turned into a taco yet?

Got lasagne, g-bread and chips for tea. Carbtastic. Mrs F fancies rewatching Downton Abbey so we’re doing that for the evening. Tired and my back is done in.

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