Monday Evening

Good evening everyone. I’m sat in Frankie and Bennies because that was the best option in the airport. I have no plans other than crossing my fingers and hoping that the people next to me on the plane don’t talk as much nonsense as the ones on the way here.

What are you eating, doing, drinking tonight folks?

That’s one poor airport. So sorry Leafy.

It’s fine I enjoyed my mediocre bbq chicken

I didn’t pay for it

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What kind of food you after?

Actually I’m probably no use to you here, I never leave the house. Don’t go to The Eagle.

Just answered the door to my local councillor in my pants. Not sure my hasty “don’t worry, we’ll both be voting Labour” was particularly reassuring, under the circumstances.


Absolutely not vegan but I just had some of the M&S St Clements tart. Basically lemon meringue without the meringue and on really nice pastry. Man, it was fit.

The flat is a mess but going to ignore it until tomorrow and have an early night tonight, watch the live League of Gentleman on iPlayer in bed maybe.

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There’s the usual chains. Nanna Mexico does reasonable 7/10 burritos and isn’t fancy. Vegan Vice does good vegan burgers. There’s an Honest, a Five Guys and Steak & Honour for meat burgers. All of the Thai restaurants that aren’t Thaikun are good, including The Cricketers Arms and The Wrestlers pubs/Thai. There’s a good Vietnamese restaurant on Magdalene bridge. There’s a great Polish place on Chesterton Road, Polonia, that’s relatively cheap and isn’t wanky at all (it’s the local Polish social club) but might be a bit out of your way.

There’s loads really.


Watching this

Drinking this

Having bangers and mash with onion gravy, carrots, peas and cabbage.

Day was ok. Nothing bad, nothing good


Got leftovers for tea, good idea as I really can’t be bothered. Loooong day at work and going to be a week of them I reckon.

Jackie Corkhill off Brookside is in hollyoaks now I see.

GoT to look forward to later.

1hr18. Pheeew. Super long

I know. Have spoiled it for myself though, so it’s almost pointless watching it. Have turned the brightness right up on the tele.

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They used the usual amount of colour and just drained it into the extra 30 minutes to compensate for the length.

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They were playing Lauryn Hill and The Ronettes in Morrisons and not the most obvious tracks. :love_you_gesture:

I’ve never watched a second of GoT yet I feel like I know all the characters and half the storyline. Is there any point watching it from the very beginning now bearing in mind that I could easy find out all the spoilers as I go along if I wanted? Would it take me forever? Shall I just stick to watching home improvement shows?


Wasn’t there an option of “eating a Pret sandwich while staring bleakly out of the window”?

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I reckon so. Very good show until the last couple of seasons imo, but if you’ve got so far without it, I’d save it until you want a real binge

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There was not. There was a Bar Burrito but I genuinely think I’d rather have what I had than a burrito :woman_shrugging:

Crazy talk

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Love Mexican, not fussed at all by burritos :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I should probably stop reading the spoilers thread then

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