Monday evening


How was your day? What are you having for dinner? What are you doing?

Shit day, so I’m having burgers. Might watch some TV but I’m not sure. Really need an early night after all the fox-fucking (animals, not me…sadly) last night.


Day was alright, ta.

Had meatball pasta for dinner. It was decent.

Going to digest that for a bit then do some exercise, then maybe play some computer games. Or read. Both excellent options.


Gotta dial into a system call at 10. Kill me


Hmm I might read something actually. What are you reading? You’ve had dinner quite early!


ugh. Sorry. Can you drink beer?


hey ssf. just back from yorkshire and wife is making some pasta mushroom thing for dinner. first day of work after a month off tomorrow :expressionless: got to go into an actual office and everything. sigh.


oh mate!!

what are you going to do for your last day of freedom? (apart from the mushroom pasta)


i’m fuckin wrecked. gonna have a bath and go to bed at about 9pm. might give my new kindle a go.


that actually sounds great



bought stuff to make chilli but cba making it. too tired.


can you train a pet?


Same as always


It’s ‘er indoorses’ choir night, so we eat slightly early on Mondays. Fascinating insight into my life, there, for free.

Currently reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It’s… not that good. It’s an alright page turner, I suppose, but eh. Was trying to read some more “good” fantasy stuff, and it was nominated (won? idk) for a Hugo Award, but meh.

Got some Neal Stephenson lined up after this. Maybe that’ll be better.


Bang it all in the Nutribullet.


That’s good. Choirs are good things I think.


i’d need to get a pet first of all


Evening all. Just realised the only time I’ve moved from my desk today was to go to the shop to buy chocolate. Not so good.

Might also read in a bit. It’s jacket potato with curried beans, cheese and egg tonight :+1:


I heard the ending of that is a bit bloated.


Just made the mistake of checking my call history from when I was hospitalised. It includes my sister and a professional contact. Anxiety levels now through the roof.


butternut squash noodles, tofu, courgette, tomato, coconut sauce and a fanta mezzo