Monday, evening.

Alright? Fucking knackered after an afternoon shifting a load of coal around. Got some lardons need eating so going to have them with some black pudding, eggs, hash browns and beans I reckon then loosely follow the ol’ quiz. Would quite like a cider, have carelessly run out :frowning:

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good evening. finished one job for the day, taking a 30 min break for dinner and then starting my second job for the evening. so curshingly dull. think we’ve got fish n chips for dinner.

  • After I’ve clicked ‘post’ when starting a daily or evening thread, I immediately check to make sure I got the day right
  • What?

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Very tired.

That’s it. That’s all you’re getting.

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Evening. Was a nice day here, now it’s pouring. Been gym, now going home to make these :arrow_down:. Got to get on a 7am flight to London tomorrow and it feels like the most pointless thing ever.


Immediately check to see if someone else has posted one


That’s my second move!


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How are you enjoying your return to gym life?

Unusually had a really big lunch today, so I’m still feeling pretty full now. Might have some cheese on toast later, idk

I definitely needed it and I feel better already. I don’t have the same drive to go 6-times a week though but maybe that’s a good thing. My gym is big with an open plan cafe, a crèche and spa so it has a nice buzz and now it feels a bit sterile, it’s sad.

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I think my slight headache (residual from a cold, I think) is going to stop me viewing AQOS live :frowning:

I only start them if i happen to wake up stupidly early

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Everything’s getting on top of me at the moment, really had enough of my own mind, constant health anxiety and various worries about life and the state of the world. sucks.

Gonna be this way until next year now isn’t it? Nothing to do but suffer through

I feel noticeably better having started football again. I’m still nowhere near happy with my fitness and the extra stone I’m carrying but it’s work in progress.

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Gf is annoyed because I saw a red squirrel and she didnt (she was looking at dirt on the windscreen)


I hove a juicy lardon

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surely a good thing rn :smirk:

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Regretting saying is leave two old heavy rugs out on the street corner for collection rather than right outside the flat. Especially in the rain. Eugh. Putting it off as long as possible.