Monday Evening

Evening all

How are you? I haven’t started one of these for a while but here we are. It’s sunny and warm in West Norfolk, can’t say I mind too much.

All is fine here. Listening to Blue Lines at the moment and thinking about making a pot of tea. What are you up to?


Hi. Having a lie down now. Going to watch First Dates and Married At First Sight later then probably go to bed. Might have a small cry at some point too.

Sad, like really sad. Was meant to have bubble and squeak, but we didn’t do enough veg for leftovers, so that’s not happening. Just can’t be fucked with anything


Evening CCB! Glad you’re having a nice time, and hope everyone else is too.

I’m ok, I just finished a book and I have a sleepy kitten on my lap so what more can you ask for really.

Except, if I go cinema what should I see?

  • Annette
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins

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You and I both. Hope things pick up for you soon.

Aw mate. I know you can’t discuss much on here but if you want to DM to offload then please do so.

Got to go to the dentist tomorrow, convinced that something bad will happen

Did good on my test at work.

Had a few (6 I think it was) pints of Guinness with the folks off my course and our instructor afterwards.

Feeling at a bit of a loose end now as I’m not going to be back at work until at least next spring by the look of things… Urgh.


I’ve only heard of The Suicide Squad and didn’t even realise they were remaking it again. So I went for one of the others. Am sure it’ll be great regardless!

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Hey @dktrfaustus and @rich-t sending you both hugs and good vibes. Things will get better (which is a cliché but true).


I am in the pub. After barely drinking this year I’m now drinking for the third consecutive day. I have missed craft beer so much!


Lots of love to the people with not great days xx

First day with kids back and it was a load of fun.

Had Spanish omelette for dinner and about to have an ice lolly.

Currently watching R and V playing shooting games on the telly but it’s quiz night isn’t it so will be watching those later.

just smashed a big mirror

Spring, even. But yeah. We had 3 months off during the summer and that started to drag towards the end. 6 months of autumn/winter/winter II is going to be horrible.

Had a chat with a manager today who said hopefully we’ll be out driving by leaf fall next year… Don’t even want to contemplate an entire 12 months off.


Needed to use up some stuff so made thai green curry with prawns and had it with the most delicious Irish wheaten bread


Yeah, we even get an increment in pay in November. Still though, sitting at home doing fuck all for months on end isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Not at all. Just find it mind-blowing that you’ll be paid for sitting there until autumn next year. Wouldn’t want to have to go through that mind.

Having been on furlough for 4 months, you’re definitely not wrong.

Have you considered doing voluntary work/getting involved in charity stuff for a bit? That’s what I did for a little while, and it definitely stopped me from feeling like I was just sat there doing nothing…

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