Monday Evening

Made a prawn curry, Jesus sufferin fuck it had a kick :hot_pepper: :relaxed:


A couple of the guys on my course have applied to do two or three days a week at their local supermarket. I’m going to have to look into finding something - there’s only so much dog walking, bike riding and xbox playing that a man can do.

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what happens when train drivers are ill? like, are there substitute drivers ready and waiting in a room somewhere to step in?

My energy level is absolutely smashed today. I’m done. Had a good run (started a Running Punks running an today) and now I’ve got a cat sitting on me while we watch a doc on Oscar Peterson.

If you’ve got enough IT skills to post on DIS you could maybe do some voluntary stuff in training people computer basics? It’s definitely worth having some stuff to keep structure in your day/week, imho, even if it’s just going to the gym/meeting up with people on a Wednesday morning, stuff like that.

Yeah and when they turn up, the substitute train drivers either (a) let the rest of the station staff doss about or (b) get subjected to so much shit that they end up having a cry in the stationery cupboard


My local gym is open til 10, and I had dinner at 7:30. Am I okay to go for some late night gymming at 9?

If the substitute train driver doesn’t turn up within 15 minutes you all legally get to go home.


Don’t let me talk you out of it.

today, a geordie at work asked me what part of the north i’m from. had to very sheepishly excuse my completely made up weird accent.

had escalopes, rice and veg for tea. was well nice. my upstairs neighbour is home but isn’t making a racket :thinking: their might be hope for ol’ eric yet.


Okay, I won’t.

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Bet your old employer would bite your hand off if you offered to go back as a driver for a few months

Started I may destroy you, pretty good so far.


We just did this a few weeks ago (maybe, what is time?). Withholding judgment until I finish the whole thing but definitely very engrossing

Taking ages over it though, my brain often just isn’t in the right gear for it

Mark Kermode quote which he uses a lot that I love (basically the mantra of their podcast now)

Everything will be alright in the end and, if it isn’t alright, it’s not the end

Get a bit emotional about it sometimes if a listener who’s having an shitty time writes in and asks for some reassurance haha


They mentioned Silent Hill on University Challenge

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They probably would, especially coming up to Christmas, however I’m not driving 25 miles either way to work ever again if I can help it…

There’s drivers planned as spares throughout the day to cover any absence, etc. So yeah, pretty much sitting in the mess room twiddling their thumbs for 8 hours, just in case. (and I’d expect moan like fuck when they get a call and have to do a few hours work)


made this start to finish. Not sure it was a good use of an evening but it’s going on insta anyway.


Evening all!

I finished my work day by explaining how SQA exams have worked over the last few years to the person who was promoted to manage the teaching of exam subjects. I really object to doing someone else’s job for them but I think I’ve also saved myself doing the extra bullshit tasks they were inventing to make themselves look like they knew what they were doing.

Played football and scored lots of goals.

Came home to discover Wor Lass had gone out with The Child on a play date. I had beans on toast for tea, washed the dishes, had a shower and listened to Target on 1Xtra for quite a while. They got in fifteen minutes ago. The Child is simultaneously shattered and too excited to sleep.

when’s your DiS state album coming out?

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