Monday! Evening!

Alright? Had a long old day what with a big meeting and various other bits of work to do. Got some jacket potatoes in the oven for either Brian Harveys or a tin of bolognaise. Gonna watch some Thick Of It, drink one beer and have an early night I think.


Hewg hangover anxiety, awful. Basically spent the day sending probably needless apology messages and feeling like a piece of shit. ANYWAY I’m probably going to do nothing at all tonight and hope for the best.


New Fortnite season today, isn’t it, so obviously as I’m a 14 year old boy I’m going to be playing a few rounds of that in a minute.

“poggers” (?)


No worries at all man, happy to help!

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Stressful weekend, my mum had what I thought was a mini stroke this weekend but the doctor today seems to think it was just sleep paralysis. Damn scary though going through that.


It’s election night here in Norway. Like everything else it feels a lot different/further away now I’m off the coast somewhere in the north, as opposed to right in the centre of the capital like I normally am. Gonna go mad and watch some live coverage via the good ole internet though. Sending non-religious prayers for a new government :pray:


thanks yeah, she woke up from a nap and couldn’t move her arms and legs or talk properly for about 10 minutes. I called an ambulance but ended up cancelling it as she recovered afterwards. 3 hour wait for an ambulance here anyway

Hang on - I thought a Brian Harvey was a generic term for any meal with jacket potatoes!

Tuna only I think


yeah she’s ok for now thanks I think, life is fragile make sure people in your life know you care everybody x


Tuna mayo!

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Ah! Things I was slow to realise. In which case, I retract any instance when I may have claimed to have had a Brian Harvey Special. Truth is, it was simply ‘a jacket potato with fillings’.

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Can’t be arsed cooking. Might get a Local Indian.


Evening DiS

I’m very excited. I’m going to a gig tonight. I real gig in a real venue, with an act who are all over the radio. And quite a few people I know will be there too. Can’t wait.


meeting my friend tonight in the park, is it too late in the day to buy him a coffee?

Had sausage, wedges and caulliflower cheese.

Watching Palm Springs but might turn it off.

Gonna ring me mum.

V long day, minor hangover, work is being impossibly stupid at the moment. Pulled out of one interview process today and got another for another job, but getting a bit anxious about taking a new job while also being ready to have a kid.

Gonna eat cannelloni and have an early night.

Had dinner. Still hungry. Stole some of the bairn’s chocolate. This is what I’ve been reduced to.

Took og bairn round the corner to show him the chestnuts. Not quite ripe yet but he was pleased with a wee white one for now.


Not if he likes staying awake til 4am