Monday Evening

(when did Discourse start letting us create threads with the same names as previous threads?)

Anyway, evening all! So far this evening I’ve eaten a very nice Green Roasting Tin recipe, gone for a walk, caught a huge spider and read a couple of chapters of the book my eldest wants me to read. Now listening to Low (as usual) and might put Parks and Rec on, just for a change.

What are you up to?

you can eat tins?!

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you are the no.1 chef of DiS by all accounts so I trust you on this

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(it was a “groundnut stew” which was basically sweet potato, peanut and a few other bits. No actual tin)


Did a 5k home from work and had a very sophisticated dinner of fake chicken nuggets and veg. Not really sure what to do for the rest of the eve, might have a bath and watch mad men.


Had pasta for tea, and two different pieces of cake for pudding. Now eating cheese puffs and watching Gilmore Girls. Might have some more cake.



Good evening.

Maybe a bit extravagant for a Monday, but I did pork belly, bit of roasted veg, etc.

Not much to report really. Just lazing around watching telly and looking after a poorly doggo.


Nonsense. Monday needs stuff like this - looks perfect!

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Sausage sandwich for tea and I’m watching a doc about the Premier League.

I should be researching how we can get better WiFi because it’s brutally slow in the ‘office’ but I can’t be bothered.

Evening. Oven bust half way through making dinner so had a Nandos instead.

Watching a bit of Outback Truckers - they’re trying to drive a 66-wheeler through the suburbs. Strewth!

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Evening all. Made an apple cake with some apples from my parents’ garden after work. Just had a slice with custard, which was very nice, although I say so myself.

The new cat tree that I’d ordered came today, so I put that together, too. Needless to say the cat is asleep on the sofa in preference to that, although he did have a climb on it earlier.


Going to finish making my blanket tonight, no matter how long it takes

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who beat the guy going simpsons on mastermind then

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That’s a damn solid Monday evening :+1:

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bit down because my parents have flown back to the UK. I know its relatively normal I suppose to only see your parents once a year but I’m not used to it tbh. Used to see them at least 3 or 4 for extended times pre pandemic when I lived in Spain.



Raining again. Not that I was going to go out anyway, but y’know.

Just went to check if Jimbo was asleep and he sat up and started asking me how metal is made, and how they built houses before bricks. FFS, I want to raise a child with an inquisitive mind, but there’s a time and a place


Had cowboy bean and waffle pie. Which was fun enough I guess.

Then bit of apple crumble left from yesterday.

Monday quiz night on telly, then probably the fishing show for :heart_eyes:



Feel like a car has run me over. Not covid apparently, so a bad cold. Made Palestinian chicken for tea, with salad, a ton of tahini dressing and flatbread. Carrying on watching Boardwalk Empire and drinking a solitary beer

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