Monday evening

I’m cold. But I nigh on refuse to stick the heating on yet.

Got a huge tray of mini roast potatoes for dinner but unsure what to ‘do’ with them.

Also fancy a beer :roll_eyes:

my wife has started putting the heating on to ‘warm the towels’.

Don’t really mind tbh as it’s also warming my feet.

About to make dinner. Which potatoes should I make?

  • parmentier
  • sautéed

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Oh, and good evening tilty and everyone else for that matter!


Evening. Been playing and parenting for the whole day. On the go from 7.15 until now. Youngest had a full on meltdown at dinner, meaning he’s gone to bed on nothing. Reckon we’ll have a broken night on the back of this.

Bubble and squeak for tea, and then a trip to Tesco. Woooo

I’m absolutely boiling. Wore a coat in the school run but then had to walk home without it and carrying m’s big fluffy one as she was too hot (which at least reassures me I’m not having an early menopause :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Got some dahl.

Just making this rainbow sunflower snood for M whilst we watch a film (zombies 2 for the 50th time), fits me too, handy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good evening. Going to attempt a butternut squash biryani. Whom knows if I will be successful?

Evening all :wave:

Very busy day: worked 7-3, and then spent the next three hours shuttling the cheeksters to/from school / piano lessons / Brownies. Now back on the laptop to do some more interview prep, if my poor brain can handle it.

Papa Pervo stopped by with a new Freeview box for me which is a very late bday present. I can now watch live TV! He also deborked the colours, so I can now see people’s skin in non radioactive tones.

Leftover roast for dinner and leftover trifle for pudding.

Might do some writing.

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Eh? Not familiar with this.


That’s so nice! :sunflower:

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Love the heating. Slamming that bastard on

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Alright? Had a pretty dull day. Pork steaks marinated in Worcester sauce, garlic and oil with garlic butter roasted new potatoes for tea. Might just play Football Manager till bedtime.

Doing a thing on the Music Board btw:

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easy, eat the spuds with an accompanying beer!

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Slice them thinly, fry them, season with plenty of salt and they’d be an ideal beer accompaniment.


Salmon, new potatoes and asparagus for dinner. Could have done with comfort food instead, tbh.

Tonight, again, I’ll be having an early night and no booze in the hope I can shake this fucking cold. It’s now at the stage where I’ve blown so much I’ve burst blood vessels in my nose, so there’s blood in with the snot when I blow it

alright Salt bae!

By fry them, I mean pour smoking hot oil all over the raw potatoes.


five grand?


Had a day of admin and sorting stuff which went surprisingly well.

Pasta bake with lindaMc sausages and broccolis for dinner

More squid world later I guess