Monday evening!

It’s nearly 7pm here so let’s go for it.

HI EVERYONE. How was your Monday on a scale of 1-10? Mine was a solid 6. Not a bad day but I’m pretty tired tbh.


Watching Dinosaurs for a bit of a nostalgia. Really very dull so far.

Just tried this. Would be very good with gin and lots of ice.

Pie and carrots and creamed cabbage for dinner.


Thought he was going to say ‘ass’.

holy shit that drink looks gr8


My Monday was a solid 10 for mucking about announcing votes results on the music board, a 3 for work and a 6 for dinner (sausage & onion baguettes and chips once the shopping arrives) so a 7 maybe.


It’s now past 6pm here so will allow it.


Evening :wave:

My Monday has been ok, maybe a 6. I dropped my car at the garage and picked up the hire car so I can go to France tomorrow. Did not get enough work done. Also felt mildly hungover after three beers last night.

I have to get up at 5am tomorrow ahahahaha :sob:


Dullllll day work wise, haven’t left the flat.


Watching the news like a grownup- “CBA to go to the shops dinner “ of pasta with mushrooms and butter/ Parmesan happening soon ish (might be peas too if I have peas)

D&D then I’ve got the new succession to watch after that so I shouldn’t moan cos that’s a pretty solid evening

Monday Monday

Well a solid 6 from here in Wiltshire.

Haven’t been able to go out anywhere but sorted some stuff in the garden, planted some.bulbs, put my winter wardrobe into the wardrobe and watched a film with V.

Dinner was a meatless farm mince lasagne which was pretty good.

Tonight is new Succession with a wine

Might even upgrade to a 7.


Child free for a couple of days.

Went to the pub with Mrs W at lunchtime, and followed it with a trip to the cinema.

An unusually good Monday. 8.

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I went to my first gig in a year and a half yesterday, drank until I was sick and have been utterly dogeared all day. 3.

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Gonna have to be a 5 so far - too tired, didn’t get enough done to feel satisfied with work, have left myself too much to do tomorrow. However. Roast vegetables for dinner, got a nice record on, gonna watch succession. Could push the overall score to a 7 if I play it just right.

Evening all! A solid 8/10 day:

  • day off
  • trip to the space centre
  • chippy dinner
  • someone’s booked a viewing for our house

Knocked two points off because I was hoping to find out about this job today, and I’ve got to go out and collect the Morrisons order, but otherwise a very good Monday.



My friends got me hooked on a SK romance series but she’s too tired to watch a second episode this evening so I have to wait to watch more :sob:

Gonna do some reading and maybe watch something with Avery later.

Rating today a 5 - horrible anxiety but I enjoyed watching my show



It’s a fairly meh 5/10 from me

I just used my long lens on my camera to see if a cat in a neighbours garden was ours who has been AWOL for a few hours. Turns out it wasn’t, and now I feel like a weird psycho stalker

I’m no good at ratings out of 10 but it’s been a slightly odd day that’s improving rapidly because we’re having roast chicken for dinner in about 45 mins and it smells absolutely delicious already


Waiting at the click and collect. There’s a properly eerie feel to this end of the car park

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First festive crisps of the season: Sainos TTD turkey and stuffing flavour. 10/10, obviously.


Monday 7.5/10

Got a lay in of sorts after having to stay up until 3am with an unsettled toddler. Hacked the garden right back, went for a walk with the kids. Both are in bed and I’m cooking shakshuka, listening the new Grouper. Will nip out for beers afterwards.

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