Monday Evening

What a fucking day.

What’s for tea? Was planning on having Kievs but then on the other hand I want to stuff myself full of pizza or something.

How are you all?

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Heeey :wave:

Been feeling a bit of a misery all day, I’m half tempted to cancel all my plans this weekend so I can wallow in a dark room :laughing:

me this weekend:

I should probably wait a couple of days before I make any major decisions…


Hope you get yourself a tasty pizza! :slight_smile: if not Kiev’s are still pretty brilliant aren’t they.

Oh, for dinner I’m having spam and rice. Yeah, you heard me. Well into spam at the moment. Haha.


If I read the term NFT again today I might poke my eyes out

Off tomorrow. Planning a nice walk and then seen the weather. Maybe not. Minestrone soup for tea a couple of beers, early enough bedtime.



Having fajitas for tea.

Not doing much afterwards. Probably just plan a route for a bike ride tomorrow as the weather looks ‘acceptable’ for the first time in a while.

I think they prefer to be called Kyivs these days.


Should we be calling them Kyivs now?

Gnocchi for dinner here

Might go to the pub later, if my mate deems fit to respond to my text

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They are indeed. I’m just about to stick them in with some sweet potato wedges and tenderstem. Will maybe treat myself to pizza tomorrow after my trip to tbe dentist.

Spam and rice is not to be sniffed at. Got a lot of time for the stuff.

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@rob.orch I did question that myself but couldn’t really find anything to confirm it either way in relation to the food. Wiki says that they originate from the Russian Empire so I was a bit unsure of what was the right thing to call them. Although Wiki also says:

‘Stuffed chicken breast is generally known in Russian and Ukrainiancuisines as côtelette de volaille

Maybe better off going with that in future.


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Hope you feel better soon. Maybe don’t cancel your weekend plans yet as it’s only Monday and it is very cold. Hopefully by the end of the week you’ll be feeling a bit better xx

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Bye bye winter, see you in hell and tell em who sent you.
Always amazed we get through another one tbh.

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Evening. I’m have lamb orzo for my tea


I have done SO MUCH work today. I am exhausted but I don’t feel as overwhelmed with work as I have done recently, so that’s good. About to finish for the day and am going to spend the evening watching TV or reading.


Aw thank you xxx hugs are very much appreciated :blush: :heart: you’re right, I won’t cancel anything… yet. Haha!

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Gonna have an early pancake night as I’m out tomorrow, watch new Euphoria, try my new cocktail experiment

So tiredddd though

Oh, that’s a good question is was going to ask… What toppings do people like on their savoury pancakes?





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Whatever’s in the bin on top of them! :laughing:

Before I moved to France i refused to try savoury pancakes but the crepes with ham and cheese and béchamel sauce were very good.

Encino Man No GIF


Fine suit yourselves

I answered! I changed my mind and embraced the savoury crepe!

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