Monday evening?!?

Alright? I think we can all agree that today has truly been a spectacular day for thread-making here on DiS, and there’s plenty of time left for more! I’m very tired and gonna have kievs, chips and beans for tea then watch the telly until it’s sleepytime, how about you?


Feels like it’s about 4.

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Jacky P for tea in a bit. Load of cheese and butter on mine

Then it’s telly, picking up V at some point, planning our trip to London tomorrow. :star_struck:


sad that I missed all the good threads but happy that I went out for coffee with an irl human friend

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dinner will be:

linda mccartney sausage

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Was supposed to be JPs here too but Mrs F isn’t hungry so we’re saving it for tomorrow.

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Going to noise gig tonight but can’t find my ear plugs.

Saag Aloo w/naan then walk to quiz


Have literally, just this moment, found out that this coming weekend is Easter weekend. Is it supposed to be a secret this year? What a turn up for the books that is.

What a waste of a day. Bored, ill and tired. Thanks brain.

Someone from works staying over in town and asked me to go out for dinner and drinks with them. Rude not to


Everytime I eat my lip splits and so that’s real nice.

Fish and chips for dinner which is a very rare occurrence in the scout household. Wish i had aioli for my chips though.

Had a good if vague work offer today and wrote a few decent lines of creative nonsense too.

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checks watch

Oh yeah I ran over a pheasant earlier on my way home from work and while unavoidable,
It made me a bit sad

Having it for tea?


Pheasant kievs. The one saving grace I guess is that it stops a Tory fron being able to shoot it.

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Yeah, this :point_up:

I had a ninety minute nap this afternoon and I think it will have ruined my sleep tonight too.

Wor Lass and The Child didn’t eat lunch until 2.30 so I don’t think we’re eating real food for tea.

Same again tomorrow, I think.

Ah, I get the joys of the kids on my own tomorrow. So that, plus illness :cowboy_hat_face:

Might have crispy pancakes, potato waffles and beans for tea


Band called Hovvdy came up on my discover weekly, guy sounds uncannily like Jason Lytle