Monday evening


Just back from the DiS Getaway and already got the post holiday blues because it was so great.

I’ll post some photos below.

How was your Monday? What’s for dinner? I’ve got nothing in and am too tired to go shopping.



I think I have a cold coming on and my back hurts.

But I’m the happiest I’ve been for ages. Pizza for tea.


Evening I went and did the most Tory thing possible, I went to a tennis club.

I would like to apologise to my ancestors from Lancashire, Norfolk, County Clare and in particular the young lad who was a barman at a brothel in Newcastle in the 1800’s. Full apology in the coming days.

On a side note pretty sure I saw Michael Kitchen there.


Gonna have a halloumi salad methinks, watch Derry Girls finale, then either Twin Peaks or the Charli doc

Maybe also … beer? Maybe, also.

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Evening all!

I made Singapore-style noodles:

They were pretty good.

I’m working on interview stuff tonight. That’s all I have.


Had a lovely weekend, although it was all over far too quickly.

Think this is telling us to dive off the giant sealion, then walk off this way.


Cycled to work for the first time today. Decided I was going to get the vegan Ben & Jerry’s I’ve been craving since the weekend so got two tubs and happily toddled back to my bike, whereupon I discovered it had a flat tyre.

Wheeled it to the bike shop, which was closed, but at least resulted in my all time favourite bike wanker interaction. Proper lycra-clad road warrior, walking (riding?) stereotype, huffs and gives it the whole “ridiculous it’s closed already” bit, and I say you’re telling me pal, I’ve got a puncture!!! He runs through the options for me getting it home, peer to peer, equal to equal, bike wanker to bike wanker, and I say - not wishing to disclose my ice cream ticking time bomb situation - that I’m just going to lock the bike up here and take the train home.

He then gives my rather handsome bike a good ogle, sucks air through his teeth and says “oooooh, risky, very very risky, I wouldn’t risk it if I were you”, to which I reply yeah I know but it’s a £300 bike so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He then looks at his own fairly similar-looking handsome bike and says, in the smallest voice I’ve ever heard from a grown man, “mine cost two thousand

…maybe you had to be there


Where did y’all go on the dis mini break? Looks stunning


Stayed in the white house at the top here


Don’t think I’ve seen a photo of the DiS holiday that’s been less than 10/10. What an incredible spot for a trip, if it hadn’t been 8 and a half hours by train I’d have been there


@profk @slicky


good fit. will remain silent on the design.

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ur a design

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  • Watch ICT v St.J
  • Watch something fun
  • Mess about on DiS til you fall asleep

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Holidays are too tiring

Just made a dahl that absolutely banged, if I do say so myself.

  • Roald
  • Sophie

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Jon Tomasson


Haven’t thought about Cold Feet for years!

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