Monday evening

It’s actually my Friday evening. Big rumbles of thunder outside, shaking the house a bit. Fleetwood Mac were wrong with “Thunder only happens when it’s raining” as we have no rain. Wuu2?


Need to go for a walk, i think.

Trying to think of sonething at least semi healthy to jave for tea. Maybe noods.

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Worked 8am-11am then went swimming and picked up some shopping, back online by 12:15 and had to immediately go into a meeting til 12:45, then lunch and showering etc, then worked 2pm-4pm, and now I wanna do some writing but I’m too pooped and we’re gonna see Nope at 8pm so it’s like argh do I even have time so instead I’m watching Never Have I Ever season 3.

I know all these times because whenever I want to do phone stuff, I’m trying to make myself concentrate on something else instead. It is very hard.


Having leftover chilli tofu from the weekend, might try and do some work tonight but that sounds like it won’t be fun :thinking: might not then.

Another moment of Etsy madness led to these absolute babes arriving earlier - little 50s bird glasses from France. Got to keep off Etsy forever now.


I had a good walk today, although i got lost in the woods and bitten and had a lot of sand in my crocs and nearly burst into tears when i was lost with sweat stinging my eyes, no signal and in desperate need for the toilet. Found one but it was one of the creepiest toilets ever, it was just a cavernous void instead of a normal toilet bowl interior, new fear unlocked of falling into the toilet void. Played a lil game with myself to find the animals and plants on the board and it was a lovely way to spend some time and i saw a lot

Just found out my walking pace is 17min/km which is…very slow :smiling_face_with_tear: i know I’m a slow walker but not this bad lol the average is 9min


Not yet but I see the decorative pumpkins in storage whenever I get a towel and think of autumn :fallen_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :scarf:

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I did see some fairylights in someone’s front garden the other night that made me nostalgic! Also when it was really hot that last heatwave, i looked at some winter photos on my phone to cool myself down which made me miss it (it didn’t make me feel colder but it unlocked that perverse longing for winter that comes during my most favourite of seasons, summer)

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Not really but have had that Limmy bit from the Plasterer, where be goes ‘you think thats bad, thats for next Christmas’ in my head today

As been thinking about how ive got a full week of work and been thinking i could go ‘you think thats bad, thats last week’s work’

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Having an annoying day at work again. Trying to bodge something that I don’t have appropriate tools to do properly and that’s too niche to get any help with

Just took myself to a queer Latvian rave film


Had some leftover rice from last night’s Local Indian so banged an Iceland curry in to have with it.

Tuna pasta for dinner, which sent Pascal slightly crazy

The highlight of my night will be putting the bins out later. Going to put it off for a bit so I don’t peak too soon.

Gah engines aggressively revving outside for the last 20 minutes and men occasionally yelling is making me so anxious and they’re clearly going to go speeding around the streets all night. Wish licenses were instantly revoked.

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Had a very fucking busy day at work but also managed to:

Book removal people
Defer my jury service
Arrange for the food bank to collect our old fridge freezer
Various other small moving-based tasks.

Very fucking humid here. We’ve got Local Indian en route and I for one cannot wait.


Pie n chips n peas for tea. I could taste it which is good, although I’m regretting having my ice cream at lunch time cos I really want another one :sob:

Bunch of bellends posing for selfies, 40+ year old men throwing fake gang signs :roll_eyes::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Enough about me though

I heard them the other night too, not had much boy racer speeding for ages actually - wonder where they’ve all been :expressionless:

Where’s my dinner?!?

Should have cut a bigger slice