Monday evening

There isn’t another thread is there? No? Hi.


Hi Witches and all who post below,

Had a busy day. Interview for an internal very fractional (0.05FTE!) role this morning and then a day of shopping for birthday gifts for my son (and with him) as he leaves tomorrow :sob:

Had a phone call with my son’s landlord to argue over the 80% increase in service costs.

The chicken I was going to cook for dinner hasn’t defrosted so it’s a last-minute pasta concoction for dinner.

Will watch some Final Space this evening.

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Attempting a sort of ramen bowl just for … some reason

Classic shop of a tenner just to get ingredients for one meal ffs


Really fancy some m&s victoria sponge and a cup of tea in a china cup with a nice dash of brandy and some unstirred sugar at the bottom when you never asked for sugar. Could murder a lovely long cuddle whilst watching some Columbo.

:older_woman: :older_adult: :white_hair:

Pretty irked about a dull work thing i have to deal with tomorrow.


Hi hi

Weird old day at work today. Had to investigate 2 colleagues for unlocking the store last night at 4am after a night out and using it as a hotel room after not being able to get any taxis or buses home. Cheers lads, really needed that today :upside_down_face:


Gnocchi for dinner. Oh, and it’s bin day tomorrow so I’ll put them out once I’ve eaten.

The house is like a bomb site currently, for which I blame the summer holidays, and more specifically a child who never puts anything away

FFS :man_facepalming:

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I could also go for tea and cake.

Soon, let’s go. Fancy sandwiches and excellent china.


Evening all :wave:

Back in West Norfolk after a long weekend in, er, North Norfolk. Was lovely though - would definitely stay in/around Cromer again.

Other stuff

  • unpacked
  • made a classic leftovers meal of two types of meat and three types of pasta
  • did an online food shop
  • checked emails in advance of tomorrow (no dramas thankfully)
  • currently persevering with The Good Place which is getting a bit better

Tell me about it

Dis sponge and tea social (reminds me, i do need to head down your way soon :teapot: )

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I’d say I nailed that


For those who dont follow my instagram, i can’t deprive you of this perfect photo/outfit

Edit: uncropped original is better


Wor Lass has a very similar hat.


Evening all!

I could have gone to football because the bathroom fitters are double-booked. Instead, I picked The Child up from Rainbows while Wor Lass went to bed early.

I’m currently watching The Skin I Live In.

Why is iPlayer so shite? Doesn’t even look like HD, low framerate, bad sound.

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Monday relaxed evening slowngers, anyone?

Watching the football and feel so ill and worn down. Reckon ive had all hut 3000 calories total the past 5 days and feel dreadil

Sitting in a completely quiet, completely dark house. Love it.