Monday: Evening

Alright? Pretty tired after my first day back at work in 2 weeks. Done a whole bunch of chores since I’ve been home too. Making steak ‘n’ eggs for tea then gonna watch Hell’s Kitchen till bedtime I reckon.


Going to make a sandwich and eat it, then watch some of kimi ni todoke which is one of my favourite animes and randomly appeared on Netflix. Its about a high school girl that looks like sadako from the ring and has no friends because people are afraid of her, but she slowly starts to make friends as people find out she’s a good person and its just very adorable 10/10 would recommend


What kind of sandwich?

Had 10 hours sleep last night and now feel like i was ar an all night rave.

No such thing as not being tired is there?

Dont know what to do for dinner :thinking:

Evening all.

Big interview tomorrow. Please send good vibes.

Quite fancy fish and chips for tea.

Slept from 11 until 2pm…god give us back the nice outside days.


My neighbours came round for a coffee this afternoon which was really nice but I’ve given myself a headache from too many biscuits :cookie: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Good luck :crossed_fingers: :heart:


Really feel like the heating might have to go on soon :pensive:


Doing chicken burgers and fries for din dins.

Find something to watch on telly for a bit. Count down til bedtime!

Good luck for tomorrow @tilty!

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Hey. Tired and fed up, as per.


Fajitas for dinner. I do like a fajita or two.

Hopefully a restful evening, and early night and no being woken up by torrential rain tonight

Pesto, mozarella and tomato!

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Feeling a bit low, seems to have been a lonely long afternoon today. Stuck in cause the weather has been too grim to even go for a walk…ugh.

And mini was unsettled last night so im anxious she will be tonight too but im home alone tonight so its a more daunting prospect. I hope im wrong and tonight is a better night…

Going to head up early I reckon, probably about 8/8.30, watch a bit of TV in bed, or maybe do a bit of reading.

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Having salmon and New potatoes. It’s almost fish and chips.

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Getting in the bath … now

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Met a nice girl last night

Think I’ll get some noodles in


Felt like a proper drudge of a monday. Just struggled through helping og bairn with homework. Complete torture. About to put revenge bairn in bed.

Might squeeze in taskmaster and ted lasso if I’ve got time later.

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Nice try but no.

Never heard it …