Monday: Evening

Pesto, mozarella and tomato!

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Feeling a bit low, seems to have been a lonely long afternoon today. Stuck in cause the weather has been too grim to even go for a walk…ugh.

And mini was unsettled last night so im anxious she will be tonight too but im home alone tonight so its a more daunting prospect. I hope im wrong and tonight is a better night…

Going to head up early I reckon, probably about 8/8.30, watch a bit of TV in bed, or maybe do a bit of reading.

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Having salmon and New potatoes. It’s almost fish and chips.

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Getting in the bath … now

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Met a nice girl last night

Think I’ll get some noodles in


Felt like a proper drudge of a monday. Just struggled through helping og bairn with homework. Complete torture. About to put revenge bairn in bed.

Might squeeze in taskmaster and ted lasso if I’ve got time later.

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Nice try but no.

Never heard it …


Like to think these things are related


Ran out of bubbles, games gone

What biscuits have that impact??

Had some potato salad with tea because the fries and burger bun just didn’t provide enough carbs

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Trying to convince myself to make the walk to the shops and pick a few things up as not left the house today. If only it wasn’t so dark and cold.

My aunt & uncle have sent selfies of having drinks before Julia Jacklin after I gave them my ticket, so reckon I’ll put on a record and have a drink or two later tonight.


They delivered the wrong thing so have no veg with my salmon other than potatoes. Wah. Shoulda bloody got fnc


Will need to keep the heating off a bit longer.


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About 1000 bourbons :nauseated_face:

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Boring day but managed to catch up with a load of admin so that’s good. Tofu and fried rice for dinner. Just about to watch some Seinfeld - enjoying it so far, admittedly very late to the party.

Came to the pub specifically to read my book. Obviously glued to my phone instead.

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