Monday: Evening

Like to think these things are related


Ran out of bubbles, games gone

What biscuits have that impact??

Had some potato salad with tea because the fries and burger bun just didn’t provide enough carbs

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Trying to convince myself to make the walk to the shops and pick a few things up as not left the house today. If only it wasn’t so dark and cold.

My aunt & uncle have sent selfies of having drinks before Julia Jacklin after I gave them my ticket, so reckon I’ll put on a record and have a drink or two later tonight.


They delivered the wrong thing so have no veg with my salmon other than potatoes. Wah. Shoulda bloody got fnc


Will need to keep the heating off a bit longer.


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About 1000 bourbons :nauseated_face:

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Boring day but managed to catch up with a load of admin so that’s good. Tofu and fried rice for dinner. Just about to watch some Seinfeld - enjoying it so far, admittedly very late to the party.

Came to the pub specifically to read my book. Obviously glued to my phone instead.

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Started parental leave today until May. Feels weird.


Migrated to upstairs. Its cozier so thats nice, and ive got a mug of tea which is comforting to me. Mini is kicking about and im sat watching Superstore till she starts to get tired then itll be pyjamas, bottle, bed for her and some reading then sleep for me. :sleeping:

Weather sounds rough out there! Mostly windy i think here.

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What’s the book

Slung The Matrix on. Still probably my favourite film tbh


Successfully went out for a walk, bonus reduced to clear haul at the supermarkets including a £1.39 Poussin


Classier than a moonwalk anyway.

Dropped the fucking naan on the fucking floor like a fucking dickhead.


Might watch enola holmes 2

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Evening all. Caulked my skirting boards and now I want snacks. I wish I had some blue Doritos :eyes: would love to open a bottle of wine.

Watching a tv film called mind games from 2001 about a nun turned criminal profiler.

They just used the screen saver of her pc as the opening titles :laughing: