Monday Evening

Alright? Long day at the beer factory also caved in and watched the football on my ipad while I was working then went and did a big shop. Steak, peppercorn sauce, chips n green beans for tea. Might have a cider, why not, it’s Monday night. Wasson?



Long, hard day of watching football for me today.

Doing salmon, veg and herby potatoes (:trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet: ) for dinner.

Then gonna watch some more football in a bit with a beer and, possibly, some pork scratchings.


Shocking mate. Won’t see me doing the same I can promise you that.


I have also caved in. Lasted 2 games, which is rubbish really.

Making broad bean puttanesca for tea and drinking a boat of beer I think.

Pains me to say it but I really think I might have to put the heating on for a while.

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Pub quiz, nearly zero energy for it

Feeling weirdly stressed about everything lately, even nice stuff. Annoying new habit

Here’s hoping for a better Tuesday (weird thing to type)

Obviously I’ve been watching all the games with my arms folded and a cross expression on my face. Periodically shouting ‘Disgrace!’


Evening all :wave:

Had a day off today and went to Norwich with Mrs CCB for a bit of shopping and a lunch out (Two Magpies Bakery for those who know the city well). Forgot to post in the “Thread When You Are In Norwich” and should probably find the “Thread For Posting About Norwich At A Time When You Are No Longer In Norwich”.

Got to pick Cheekster 2 up from Brownies now. Miserable out.

Yeah, it’s chilly innit.

Posted from the south coast


Cold, but it stopped raining earlier so went to do a food shop and get some fresh air. Chippy smelled amazing and regret not getting it so eating pringles whilst I wait for my burger to be ready.

Well, well, well



So bored of misery dinners, actually fancy noodles but haven’t got any nice green veg and my fish is in tupperware and i can’t remember the use by date
:melting_face: My days of risking food poisoning are far behind me.

Toast or something then :woman_shrugging:t2:

Might make that puttanesca this weekend - @rich-t are frozen broad beans ok? Don’t know where to get fresh ones.

Evening all!

I almost finished making some resources today bit kept getting distracted by people talking to me and also watching football. The office has been freezing which almost made me regret going in.

I played football after work and scored four goals including one from my own penalty area so I’m on a plane out to Qatar tomorrow.

Tea was a lazy cassoulet which was excellent. I really like sausages.

Yeah, either blanche them in the pasta water before chucking the pasta in, or defrost them in a bowl of boiling water. I used frozen tonight. 3 tsp of chilli flakes as well. Yknow, for it’s nose cleaning properties

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Oh i saw potato milk in the shop the other day

That and pea milk are the up and comers eh

Prawn curry for dinner, but my other half insists on putting weird stuff like broccoli and sweet potato in curry so it was just odd. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for them, it’s just not in a korma.

WTF man. Sweet potato and broccoli are great in curries. Especially coconut based ones.



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Vive la difference. It’s just not for me