Monday evening

Just gone to check in in at my hotel Ipswich and I’ve booked it for last week.
Locked out of my work travel account so just had to book in on my card at a different hotel, no idea if I’ll be able to claim it back and the only decent hotel left is a 4 star on the harbour.

Sounds like a frustrating mistake.

Gonna have oatcakes for dinner


Still someone else has made his bed and now he’s just going to have to lie in it.


Feeling a bit low

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I might have just done myself outta £150 tonight I’m absolutely livid with myself.
And I’d booked the hotel for last week so the travel company will tell work I’ve booked two nights that I’ve not used so may be in for a bollocking too

Would you like a cuddle?

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Yeah please

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I’m painting a mix of baking powder and water onto an old enamel sign. This is what all the cool kids do now

Do they not call you up on….say…the 3rd night and be like “oi mate about the hotel room you’ve booked and not turned up for…”

Alright? Tired from work and that, couldn’t be jiggered with cooking so had chippy for tea. Gonna watch Hell’s Kitchen and play Football Manager until bedtime I reckon.

In bath, starting a Goon Squad reread, Rozi Plain on the stereo Bluetooth speaker

Got some rather disappointing rose gold and rosewater bubble bath going on, I barely got any foam!

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Gotba sore throat.

  • Big bowl of pasta
  • Oven pizza
  • Takeaway pizza

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I’d assume I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a takeaway properly feeling that way, so best to save it

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Free money for them innit

Think you’re right.

just had a maoam for dinner :yum:


I live in dread of doing this every time I book a hotel, @safebruv. Nearest I’ve come was booking two identical return tickets to Harlow